World's 5 Best Places to Go Skydiving

World’s 5 Best Places to Go Skydiving

There are many outdoor adventure activities that one can explore, but the most amazing one is Skydiving. This activity involves jumping from an aircraft and subsequently performing some acrobatic manoeuvres. The free fall is in one way dangerous but at the same time feels thrilling. A smooth landing via parachute with proper technique is needed for a successful skydiving sport.

1. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dubai hosts one of the most renowned international skydive championships every year. Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF) and Skydive Dubai have both sanctioned this tournament. Dubai is the favourite dropping zone for most newcomers.

Once you jump from the aircraft, you happen to be floating over the Palm Jumeirah, which is an artificial archipelago built on reclaimed land extending from the city’s urban marina. This is the same place from where you get a mind-boggling view of the entire Dubai as well as of the Persian Gulf. If you are going on a Dubai trip and have the budget and time for Skydiving, then you should not think twice about this once in a lifetime experience.

2. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Shockingly beautiful drop zones are abundantly available in New Zealand. Fox Glacier works as a ground zero for advanced sports and is arguably the top place in the world for Skydiving, which is conceivably the most advanced sport of all.

The 8-mile-long iceberg is located on the west front of New Zealand’s famed South Island, in the isolated Westland Tai Poutini National Park. As the free fall starts, your knees are in the breeze to make you feel weightless. The breathtaking view of the Tasman Sea’s untamed shoreline and the icy jagged peaks of the Southern Alps will provide all the excitement you need for this sporting experience.

3. Hawaii, United States

Most people will claim that the most suitable place for skydiving activity in entire Hawaii is Waialua, and that might be a true case; however, you can also be sure that the best place to skydive in the world is not anywhere else but in Hawaii.

From the jagged coloured coastlines and large palm tree-lined plains to secluded floating holes and impressive volcano sites, the scenes from 8,000 feet above the ground are beyond magnificent. Skydiving in Hawaii, whether from Oahu, Honolulu, Kauai, or elsewhere, will provide you with memories that will last lifelong. Apart from Hawaii, you can try skydiving in the United States at Snohomish in Washington and Moab in Utah.

4. Interlaken, Switzerland

With a rich history as a centre for adventurous sports, Interlaken in Switzerland is ranked for many divers as one of the most spectacular drop zones in entire Europe. With grand views of Italy, Germany, France and Austria stretching out past the snow-laden peaks of the Matterhorn in the Alps and Jungfrau, Interlaken skydiving is fun for beginners and experienced divers.

Interlaken’s diving activities are as seamless as a cuckoo clock, as one might expect from Switzerland. If you are in Switzerland enjoying your vacation and think you need something of an upper edge, then Skydiving is the one that can satisfy you.

5. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest is regarded as the world’s highest mountain due to its high altitude above sea level. It is not only the world’s tallest, but also the world’s youngest mountain range. Mt. Everest is among the most beautiful sites in the world to skydive. Oozing out of a plane over the unbelievable snow-laden Himalayas in Nepal is an excitement unmatched by any diving in the world.

If the energetic adrenaline charge is what you desire, then free-falling through the world’s tallest mountain is unquestionably the skydiving adventure for you. If you live in India and have a valid passport, then Nepal can be a time and money-saving decision for hassle-free travelling and adventure.

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