Wood vs Vinyl Windows Which Should You Choose

Wood vs Vinyl Windows: Which Should You Choose?

Your windows haven’t been replaced in who knows how long. You’d like to opt for some that are energy efficient. Having a lower power bill is worth any cost that a construction company throws at you. 

It’s also important that your new windows match the overall look of your home. Wood and vinyl are two materials that will fit these criteria. 

The question is, wood vs vinyl windows, which one is better? The answer will depend on what your needs are. They both top the charts in various areas. 

We can help make your decision a little easier. Check out this guide to learn the differences between these two beautiful and versatile materials. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Cost 

When it comes to getting replacement windows, the one factor that people take into consideration the most is their wallet. The question of cost-efficiency can vary depending on how you look at it. 

If we’re talking upfront cost, vinyl wins in this category, hands down. You save on labor thanks to its easy installation. The company you hire can put the material in as-is. 

They don’t have to sand it down or paint it like they would have to do with wood. Wood is also a lot heavier. This makes it harder to deal with than vinyl. 

As far as long-term savings go, though, wood is the clear contender. As long as you perform the proper maintenance steps, you won’t have to pay New Forest Joinery for a replacement for years to come. Vinyl is pretty sturdy, but can’t provide the same results. 

Wood is also a lot more energy-efficient, so you’ll shave some money off your power bill with it. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Energy Efficiency 

We sort of spoiled the winner in this category already, but when it comes to vinyl windows vs. wood, wood will save you more money on your utility bills. 

Vinyl frames act as a decent insulator, and they don’t conduct heat or cold. The only reason why it’s not the better choice is that its hollow core does allow for some temperature transfer. 

Wood, on the underhand, cuts off heat and cold transmission altogether. We will warn you that wood stops being energy efficient if you don’t keep up with it. If you let it rot, this will cause gaps in the frame, which will allow hot and cold air to move in and out of your home at will. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Aesthetics 

Aesthetics is another category that varies from person to person. Vinyl comes in a ton of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find a look that matches your home. The problem is that once you choose a style and color, you’re stuck with it. 

You can’t repaint vinyl, and if you want to go with a shade that’s not white or tan, you may find yourself paying a little extra for it. While vinyl can mimic the appearance of wood to some degree, it can’t match the unique look of the natural grain perfectly. 

Wood offers a classic appeal that most homeowners love. When it comes time to sell your house, you might get more offers if you have wood windows. 

You can also stain or paint wood whatever color you want, and there are a lot more customization options. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Maintenance 

Vinyl is a lot less of a pain to deal with than wood. Once it’s installed, you can pretty much forget about it until it’s time to make repairs to the hardware or wash it. 

With wood, you have to stain or paint frequently. If you don’t, moisture will set into the material and cause rot to form.

Since this material is more vulnerable to the elements, you’ll have to constantly be on the lookout for issues, and insects love to make their home inside it. They can’t dig their way into vinyl, so it’s pretty much pest-resistant. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Durability 

Wooden window frames can last up to 30 years or more as long as you. You’ll have to stay on top of the maintenance issues and fix problems as soon as they occur. If you don’t, it will shorten the material’s lifespan. 

Vinyl is durable without needing any additional assistance from you. Again it’s weather and pest-resistant. It won’t rot or warp the same way wood will, either. 

Despite all these advantages, vinyl will only stick around for about 15 years before you’ll have to start looking into a replacement. 

Wood Vs Vinyl: Turnaround Time 

If you’re like most people, you’re probably eager to get your house improvements out of the way. You may have to wait to finish things up if you go with wooden window frames. 

The reason is that wood is a lot harder to come by. The material isn’t as sought after despite all the advantages, so manufacturers don’t prioritize keeping it on hand. 

Vinyl isn’t too hard to make. Due to the cost and advantages, many homeowners snatch it up. To meet the demand, most manufacturers keep a steady supply of the material coming in. 

Wood Vs Vinyl Windows: The Choice Is Yours 

Wood vs Vinyl windows. Are you still trying to figure out which one is better for your home? For the most part, the answer is all up to personal preference. 

If you don’t want to have to perform a lot of maintenance and you don’t mind not having as many design choices, vinyl will work for you. If you’re looking for a sturdy material that can withstand the test of time, opt for wood.

Once the installers have your windows in place, it’s time to customize the rest of your home. Check out our blog daily for all the latest house improvement and decor ideas. 

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