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How Wide Should Curtains Be For My Bedroom?

How wide should the curtains be? You will find that most people don’t think about this aspect until they have purchased their home. It is important to remember that you are not buying a curtain for your bathroom. you are buying it for your bedroom. However, if you want to choose a window treatment for your bedroom, then you will need to consider a slightly different range of needs with curtains Dubai.

Big mistakes when anyone buys curtains

The biggest mistake home buyers make is thinking that because they have an affordable price, the curtains are big enough. That is rarely the case.

If you have someone in the family who has small hands, get them a small frame to get a framework that is at least the width of their fingers.

If you have someone with large hands, get them a frame that is at least the height of their fingers. Another rule to follow is that at least half the house has a window or a balcony.

Bedroom curtain should be different from others

Your bedroom should be at a different level from the rest of your home. If you purchase drapes that are too wide, this could be an eyesore, and you will want to consider how many years of wear they will receive before your curtains need to replace.

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Factors influencing how large the curtain should be?

Several different factors will affect how large the curtains are going to be. Your bedroom size determines them. The size of the room will affect what type of curtain you should choose.

Curtains generally measured in terms of their width. If you have a narrow room, this could affect how much the curtains should be. If you tried to find out, it would help what is the average diameter of your bedroom so that you can determine how many yards you need to buy.

When you know how wide curtains should are going to be for your bedroom, you can focus on the dimensions of the window that will divide the room. If you are planning to buy windows that are the same size as your curtains, then you will have to find out what window space will be available for the curtains.

Divide your room into different parts

You will find that the place usually divided into four sections. It is done to make it easier to determine how wide the curtains will be. Most sites will have one half of the room is open.

When you are purchasing new curtains for your bedroom, you will find that you have to buy them by length only. You will want to ensure that you measure the correct measurement to ensure that you have the exact number of periods in your curtains.

Try to buy an extra curtain in case of shortage

If you do not get this right when choosing the curtains for your bedroom, you will find that you will need to buy an extra curtain that is the correct length. That will mean that you have to buy two periods, one to finish in between the ends of the curtain and one at the other end of the curtain.

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You will also find that window treatment measured in the same way as curtains. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some medications will be regulated in the same way as curtains but will be divided in half to allow for the effect of the curtain rods.

Prior information is always essential for buying curtain

If you want to choose the best curtains for your bedroom, then you should ensure that you keep this information in mind when you are trying to decide how wide should curtains be. It is, therefore, a good idea to get the curtains measurement and the room measurement right.

It will help you get a general idea of how long the curtains should be and will allow you to make sure that the curtains are exactly the right width. It would be best if you always remembered how wide should curtains depend on how large the room is.


If you have ever tried to measure the windows in your bedroom or any other room and found that you have ended up with curtains that are too large or too small, you will soon learn that you need to find out how wide should curtains be. It is essential to take your measurements seriously and be sure that you are aware of what you are doing.

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