Why you shouldn’t sleep without a bedsheet?

Can you really sleep on the mattress without a bedsheet? Well, it’s a bigger problem than you know. You might be thinking, ‘That isn’t a big deal.’ But you should know that you sweat when you sleep. When you sleep on the sheet, it absorbs the sweat but when you sleep on the mattress, it gets absorbed by the mattress. 

Not only will this problem cut down the durability of the mattress but also will turn it into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. 

Why Do People Sleep on Mattresses without Bed Sheets?

There are various reasons why people sleep directly on mattresses, instead of covering it up with bedsheets. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons. 

  • One of the primary reasons why people don’t put a bedsheet is because it has become dirty. This can be due to prolonged use. In case you have only one pair of bedsheets and it’s dirty, you might consider sleeping on the mattress. 
  • Another reason people don’t put a bed sheet is that they are too tired or lazy. At times, after a long day at work, you might feel exhausted making the bed with some fresh sheets. 

Why You Should Always Use a Bed Sheet?

Yes, we all sleep on the bare mattress once in a while but you should not make it your habit. Here are the reasons why,

Dust Mites or Bacteria

As you sleep on the bare mattress, you sweat on the mattress. Thus, there is no barrier that can stop your sweat from being absorbed by the mattress. Eventually, this will make your mattress a breeding ground for allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. 

Skin Shedding

Human beings shed their skin every 2-4 weeks. If you sleep on a bedsheet, it will protect the mattress from the dead skin cells shed by the body. You might think that it not really that noticeable but with time, the dead skin cells can lead to a weird smell. 

Prevents Acne Breakouts and Discomforts

Many people tend to have sensitive skin or suffer from some skin issues like acne. In such a case sleeping on a mattress isn’t a good idea. Sure, bed sheets might not get rid of your skin issues but it can at least help in protecting your skin.  Hence, you should always choose the right mattress to sleep on. 

Ungodly Stench

Sweating can lead to a stench. When you sweat regularly on the mattress, it can breed bacteria. This when combined with dust mites might cause a stench that will keep you awake at night. Thus, you get up all tired all morning as you fail to get a good sleep due to the stinking mattress. 

Bed Sheets are Cozy

If you are able to get the best fitted sheets for your bed, it can be really cozy. If you don’t choose a good bedsheet, you might be missing out on the real warmth and comfort. 

Taking Care of Your Bed Sheets

Getting the right bed sheet is not enough, it is also important to take proper care of them. You should change the bed sheets often and wash them as per the instructions given on the package. 

It is best to wash a bed sheet at least once every week. Make sure you also pillowcases along with the sheets. However, in case there is a lot of activity and you have guests over, you can wash them sooner. The idea is to wash it as soon as you find them to be dirty. 

If you do not change the sheets often, whatever happens when you sleep on the mattress is going to happen with the bedsheet.

Tips to Sleep Better

In order to sleep better, you can follow the tips given below. 

  • Avoid drinking caffeine late in the day. 
  • Make sleeping comfortable with a good bedsheet, mattress, and pillow. 
  • De-stress before going to bed by learning some relaxation response. 

Final Words

So, you should never sleep without a bed bedsheet on the mattress. It doesn’t have any advantages, so why do it? Apart from causing a whole range of health problems, it will also not let you sleep better. Keeping a clean bed is important and hygienic. 

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