Why Water Filtration is Important

Most of us might be lucky to have a source of clean water, but it doesn’t always guarantee that it is clean enough to protect everyone’s health. This issue is why systems like DRINKING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM is important. BERKEY WATER FILTER SYSTEM is crucial to control the chemicals that can come from the water directly to our homes.

Some Contaminants Present in Water

BERKEY WATER FILTER REVIEW enumerated the following chemicals that are present in our water systems that need to be either removed or reduce.


This chemical is added to water to make it safe because its toxic content can kill bacteria and microbes that makes us sick. However, too much of chlorine especially with combination of organic matters can cause harm like abnormalities in the human tract and birth defectives.


This contaminant is usually found in old pipes, cost-saving measures, and other insanitation issues. Lead-contaminated water can cause massive health risks even to the community.


The combination of nitrogen and oxygen, nitrate is actually found in every living thing including water. It forms naturally in groundwater and well-water. However, higher levels of nitrates can cause harm especially to pregnant women and children. Mostly it can be from fertilizers, septic systems, industrial wastes and improper waste disposals.


There are water-transmitted viruses like Hepatitis A, norovirus and rotavirus that cause infectious diseases. These viruses can enter the water through animal and human wastes.

Importance of Water Filtration Systems

Our water may contain chemicals or organisms that are potentially harmful to us. Besides boiling, water filtration like BERKEY SHOWER FILTER can provide the following benefits to our households:

It helps eliminate hard minerals in the water

One of the advantages of water filtration system is it helps eliminate harsh minerals and chemicals like chlorine and iron. These minerals can also eradicate rust stains and corrosions on pipes and fixtures as well.

It improves the water’s smell and taste

Oftentimes, unfiltered water has a not-so-good smell and taste, especially water systems from rural areas. Water filter users have reported that their water tastes better after the water system installation. Moreover, water filters can remove the sulfuric smell that gives a rotten-egg smell to the water.

It provides better health improvement

Besides giving safety to our health because it lessens the chemicals and contaminants in the water, water filtration makes people want to consume more water. We all know that water is one of the basic necessity for our survival. Drinking the recommended number of glasses and ounces will provide better state of our health as it improves our body parts.

It can be an instrument for environment conservation

When we look for clean water, we often go for water bottles and containers. We all know that the materials in those containers contain large amounts of plastic that not only harm living organisms but also in the environment. Installing water systems can provide cleaner water for our households which makes us not but water bottles and containers anymore.

It helps us save more money

Besides the mentioned conveniences to every household member, installing water filtration systems provide suitability to the appliances as well because it provides cleaner water to it. Therefore, appliances can last longer which will save us money from either repairing or buying new ones.

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