Why should you join HUAWEI Developer conference

Why should you join HUAWEI Developer conference?

Do you know what it’s like to have a world-class developer conference? It’s a chance for developers to get together with the top techie minds and do awesome stuff. Yes, it means HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE is coming back soon!

Nowadays , at home or away, we can connect in real-time over the web. The importance of each other has diminished. Friends do not meet face to face but stay connected all day long via social networks. In order for us to wake up and re-discover the joys of human connection, we should step out of the digital jungle for some time.

Ultimately, it’s essential to create a healthy balance of technology and nature. HUAWEI is about bringing together like-minded people who share the same passion. So what will be discussed in this session? We will discuss everything in detail about this event. Without further due, let’s get started.

Is this session open for all?

The HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE is a great place to show off what you’ve got, meet the right people, and have fun. The past few conferences have generated some amazing ideas! This event will be open to everyone irrespective of their role and expertise.

For example, As Senior VP R&D said in a previous speech “If you are passionate about something, keep exploring and never give up! You can always carve out your own path to success.”

What will be discussed in this session?

This past year, HUAWEI has made many major announcements about different technological breakthroughs. One of the most important sets of updates is about our new smartphone operating system: HarmonyOS, which was presented at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The second announcement we have to share with you is that HUAWEI will launch a series of wireless routers with the revolutionary Wi-Fi 6 standard. The third is from our friends at HiSilicon, who is preparing a new operating system called Elife OS.

We have also been sharing news about EMUI 11 and working hard to update devices as fast as possible. There’s been so much progress made in such a short time, we want to share the latest information with you directly.

There’s plenty more we’re covered in this session, so stay tuned!

Are there any surprises?

There will be many surprises to look forward to at this year’s conference. We’re working on something that we hope you’ll love! If you can’t attend in person, don’t worry: the talks will also be available online afterward for everyone to enjoy. When are tickets available? Tickets will be released soon. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletters to make sure you don’t miss out!

How can I find out more information?

This session will give you details on everything we’ve discussed. Check back here for updates. If there are any changes, we’ll update the blog post accordingly to keep you in the know. Stay tuned for further updates from HUAWEI.

You can also contact your local Huawei office directly. We’d love to hear from you! Therefore, Guys, just join us together and enjoy this session!

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