Why is Anonymous Content Important

Why is Anonymous Content Important

Content is king in the year 2021. As it was in the year 2020, and the years prior. The momentum content has built is no surprise. With the rise of technology and the internet, people want to access content. Users and consumers want new methods of receiving content, viewing videos, listening to podcasts, and so on and so forth. Yet content creation comes with a certain level of uncertainty. Do you want to be attached to the content you create and publish? Even if that content is somewhat controversial?  

That is the role that anonymous content plays in the year 2021. Not only does it help separate the provider of the content from the content itself, but it also bolds well to help you break your echo chamber and become more open to other forms of ideas and opinions. Being anonymous has been synonymous with content and content creation. There are many successful, yet anonymous, artists, painters, musicians, pundits, reporters, and more. Their level of anonymity did not hinder their level of success. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In some instances, their anonymity played a role for them to reap more success because people viewed it as a form of mystery and allusion, which bolded well in captivating their audience and keeping them engaged.

And that’s why anonymous content is so important. Once you realize that being anonymous does not hinder success but in fact, it’s actually the opposite, it propels it, then the idea of creating content behind an unknown frame becomes that much more appealing. And in some instances, anonymous content is needed where known or identified content fails. For instance, let’s say you have the inside scoop on a story that is highly controversial and has gathered a large public following. This story may revolve around powerful individuals in high places who could see their repudiation and their lives ruined if the intricacies of this story come to the surface. If you were to present the details as yourself, fully identified and known, then you don’t only risk your life, but the life of your loved ones, as those people will seek to protect themselves at all costs. Whereas, if you approach the situation through anonymity, then you not only protect yourself and your identity, but make the focus of the entire public eye strictly on the content, and not on the provider of it, and any dual intentions they might. 

It’s scenarios such as these that shed light on the power of anonymous content and how important a role they play in the everyday content creation process. Given that the world is increasingly headed towards a content-driven world, with demand soaring, anonymity should play a role in this world. Not only for the purposes of safety and security. But also for the purposes of allowing the content to speak for itself, instead of the focus being on the individual providing the content. That way we ensure that the message is delivered loud and clear. 

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