Why ducted air conditioning installation is popular in Melbourne

Why ducted air conditioning installation is popular in Melbourne?

Ducted air conditioning is the most minimally engineered air conditioning system in Australia. The ducted air conditioning is popular due to its minimal design. It is almost invisible and has the same power as that of a standard air conditioner. It is mainly used in large homes because a standard air conditioner does not fill the need to cool down a large area. With a scorching sun, let’s look at why ducted air conditioning installation is popular in Melbourne.


Before we take you through explaining why ducted air conditioning installation is popular in Melbourne, let’s understand the working of ducted aircon.

Ducted air conditioning or reverse cycle ducted air conditioning comprises several components. It includes a central unit, a high-quality network of ducts arranged in an order, grills, vents, and thermostats. The heating unit can be installed under the roof space or walls. It means your home can be cooled or heated either by the ceiling or the floor.

Complete Control

One of the unique features of ducted air conditioning is complete control over your entire home. It means your home can be converted into different zones, and each zone can be controlled independently. You can change the temperature of a single zone without affecting the other one.

Another added advantage of zoning mode is that it can automatically sense the home’s environment and set each zone’s temperature according to the occupancy. You can manually control the temperature of each room by Wi-Fi by connecting with an application.

This saves a lot of electricity and energy.

Energy Efficient

Traditional ducted air conditioners were not as efficient as they were intended to be. Today’s ducted air conditioner system uses inverter technology found in standard air conditioners to save as much energy as possible. It is indeed an excellent value for money feature.

Thermal Efficiency

The beauty of ducted air conditioners keeps you both hot and cold, depending upon the weather. It keeps the home cozy in hot weather and provides you with a warm temperature if outside weather is rainy or cold. The ducted air conditioners are engineered to work with very minimum heat loss.

It is made possible by using high-quality thermal ducts that carry hot and cold air back and forth. These thermal-efficient high-quality ducts also provide low energy consumption and peak performance.

Hot Spots in the Home

A standard aircon system will fail when it comes to cooling the usual hot spots in your home. With a ducted air conditioner, you can enjoy a uniform cooling and heating supply. A ducted system has little to no variation in the temperature of the home.

Arrangements of Ducts

When it comes to ducted air conditioning installation, the installation specialist will arrange the ducts in a way that will cover all of your homes. The air circulates in every corner of the house; that is why ducted air conditioning is so popular.

In other air conditioning systems, the cool air is blocked by sofas, chairs, and appliances. In ducted air conditioning, this will never be the case if the arrangement is made intelligently, and there will be no hot and cold spot to worry about.

Healthy Environment

The non-ducted air conditioning system has reduced pollution. On the flip side, the ducted air conditioner has done the job of keeping the environment healthy in a better style. Apart from controlling the home’s temperature, you can also control the humidity. It is because the air coming into the house is fresh.

Yet, there is no humidity in Melbourne, so you should not worry about moisture in your home.

Trouble-Free Maintenance

Maintaining a ducted air conditioner is more accessible than the non-ducted aircon. There is one central unit located on top of the home and grills which need cleansing. The central unit can be cleaned once a year. Ensuring that the grilles are free of dust particles can make them last as long as two years.

Improved Interior Design

When people hear the term ducted air conditioning system, they automatically think of ripping apart their ceiling and putting in the ducts. However, this is not the case with ducted aircon. A duct can be placed while constructing a home or installed later on.

People aspire to make their homes as compact and stylish as possible. Unlike a non-ducted air con system that ruins the house’s aestheticism, a ducted aircon system comes in handy. Small grills in different places do not bother the interior design, while the remaining ducts are nicely tucked inside the walls and ceiling.

Minimal Noise

A ducted aircon is a quiet system. In contrast with a standard aircon system, there is little to no noise in the home. Although, all air conditioners come with compressors which are often placed near to them. With ducted air conditioning, the compressor can be placed anywhere you like. Even outside your home to give you the best experience.

Air and Dehumidification Filtration

The ducted air conditioning system dehumidifies the air during the back-and-forth movement of air in the home. The ducted air conditioner has an air filter that sits just before the grills used to filter out pollen and dust. This filtered dust can be a problem for many asthma patients. Thus, you are breathing clean and filtered air.


Packed with so many advantages, the ducted air conditioning system is very popular in Melbourne. It holds the sweet spot of preference and choice of people. For this reason, many houses in Melbourne prefer ducted air conditioning installation. Contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling to enquire about ducted air conditioning installation costs or call us at 1300 266 394.

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