Why Businesses and CPAs Need QuickBooks Hosting in 2021

Why Businesses and CPAs Need QuickBooks Hosting in 2021?

Are you a business owner? Finding it hard to manage your business finances? Are you a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) looking to provide the best accounting solutions?

You probably need secured accounting software to manage the accounts and finances. 

You might have been using the QuickBooks desktop version till now for managing the accounts. But, it is time to move to the cloud in 2021 for better operational efficiency. 

This is the year for some hard yards and thus, it is important to ensure accounting smoothness. 

QuickBooks hosting is the best solution to manage business accounting needs. Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud helps you manage the company’s financial matters. 

Upload the traditional version of QuickBooks to an internet-based network server with help of a QuickBooks hosting provider. 

The six different versions of QuickBooks for CPAs and businesses are – QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac. 

A hosted QuickBooks account will give you all the added advantages to improve collaboration and data storage on the cloud. 

Let us now discuss QuickBooks hosting in detail……..

QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Hosting – Which One to Rely-On?

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most advanced accounting software in the market. It is a reliable accounting tool worldwide assisting businesses in smoothening up their monetary needs. 

But there are certain limitations with the Desktop version that can create a problem for CPAs to achieve their maximum potential. 

Here is the list of some of the limitation with QuickBooks Desktop –

  1. You get limited user access
  2. Zero remote accessibility
  3. The data gets stored and protected in the local device
  4. There are limited resources available locally
  5. Real-time team collaboration can be hard 
  6. Lack of automation in updates

But, hosting the QuickBooks account on the cloud ensures that the businesses make full use of the application to fix their accounting needs. 

You get a lot of benefits with QuickBooks on the cloud which we will discuss below. 

Top Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting for Business & CPAs

Anytime Remote Access

Remote working tools are being adopted by companies and accountants to work remotely in the current Covid-19 situation and the modus operandi will continue to post the pandemic. 

Access the QuickBooks data remotely by hosting the software on the cloud. 

You now can work from home on the accounting files remotely. Accomplish your goals faster and reduce the stress of data access.

Multiple User Access

Have you been using the QuickBooks Desktop version? It limits the access or works with the same account between multiple users, as per the required plan. 

The cloud-hosted QuickBooks is offering the increased capacity to add more users to a single QuickBooks account. 

The CPAs working the big firms or corporations can use a single QuickBooks account to work on corporate financial needs. 

Limitless Storage

The problem of data storage gets resolved with the cloud hosting of the account. Using the locally installed QuickBooks software needs hard drives and memory hardware. 

The data size may be too large to keep on the hard drives and you need to bring a new hard drive every time to enhance the storage capacity. 

Store data on hosted QuickBooks easily and more swiftly. 

Move from the QuickBooks Desktop version to cloud hosting to fix the storage issue as all of it gets stored in a remote data center with top security. 

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud makes data storage more scalable. 

Reduced Expenses on IT Infrastructure 

Cut down on IT infrastructure cost with hosted QuickBooks on the cloud. 

You don’t have to buy more desktop computers for the business and it also reduces the demand to hire dedicated staff to manage IT issues related to QuickBooks. 

Save on IT infrastructure costs and invest in things needed for the business to make it a success. 

Data Security

Storing data on the cloud is less safe than those on the cloud. 

The QuickBooks hosting provider in ensuring the highest quality of data & file protection. 

No case of losing any file as the data get backed up in protected data centers. It is also hard for an unauthorized user to access the QuickBooks account. 

You can now restrict the category of documents authorized persons can access with a cloud-hosted QuickBooks account. 

Round-the-Clock Support

You get 24/7 technical assistance from QuickBooks cloud hosting experts to fix any kind of problem. 

The support services are more active and responsible in cloud hosting rather than QuickBooks Desktop.

Reach out to the support team for a prompt response to your requests in case anything goes wrong. 

Dedicated Servers

QuickBooks hosting is using dedicated service to provide enhanced performance and reliability. 

Contact the right kind of hosting provider to get access to dedicated services for managing redundancy. 

Various Ways to Host QuickBooks on the Cloud

There are mainly 3 different ways to host QuickBooks on the cloud –

Dedicated Hostin

In this type of hosting, the connection of different users is made on the server on which QuickBooks is installed. 

Peer-to-Peer Hosting

It is the type of hosting adopted for on-premise hosting and one user hosts the application to provide access to all other users on the network. 

Alternate Hosting

In this type of hosting, there is one main user who is connected to the hosting server. Rest all other users are connected to the main user for accessing the application on the local network. 

Questions to Ask When Shopping for the Right QuickBooks Hosting

  1. How safe is to access the save the business accounting data on the cloud?
  2. Which QuickBooks version will best suit my business needs?
  3. What’s included in the QuickBooks customer support program? 
  4. What are the different packages offered for my business needs?
  5. Does the service include a dedicated server or a shared server?
  6. How my data will be protected?
  7. What are safety measures in place to protect my financial data in case of system failure?
  8. Will I be able to integrate my current data with the QuickBooks updated version?
  9. How much system uptime is guaranteed by the QuickBooks hosting provider?

How does QuickBooks work on the Cloud?

  • The hosting service provider is providing the server to install the license copies of QuickBooks. 
  • With a certain configuration, the hosting provider will ensure access to the server over the internet. 
  • The application is secured with proper security steps and the server is customized to be accessed from any available device. 
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used for connectivity among the end-user device and the server. 
  • Using any browser, the user can access QuickBooks and make necessary updates. The changes made on the hosted QuickBooks are saved automatically. 


QuickBooks is offering the best alternative to manage business accounts in a proven manner. 

Implement and integrate QuickBooks into business’s accounting needs with the help of QuickBooks hosting provider. 

The software is suited for all kinds of businesses and they can also customize the account as per their unique needs. 

Keep in mind to select the right kind of QuickBooks cloud hosting provider for the best use of the application.

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