QuickBooks is considered as a top-rated accounting and a financial software program developed and marketed by Intuit that comes with a wide range of high-end features. These features make the Intuit’s QuickBooks the best accounting and financial software package for around 7millions users of different small and medium-sized business groups.

This software helps business people to manage as well as host all the accounting and financial tasks such as tracking income, managing sales, and sending invoices, etc of an organization in a most simplified and secure manner. And, to make the accounting and financial process, even more, easier, Intuit’s QuickBooks software offers both online and desktop versions of accounting software.

However, with having so many amazing and effective features, QuickBooks like any other technical software also suffered from technical glitches that can appear at any time in any situation. Many a time, QuickBooks users have seen reporting issues and problems with QuickBooks account especially when signing in to the “QuickBooks online.” The ‘QuickBooks Online Login Problem’ is the most widespread and common caused error that needs attention.

What is QuickBooks Login Error?

Like any other error, QuickBooks Online software login problems have always been a headache. It is the error which a QuickBooks user encounters while login to its QBO account in the form of messages like Error 404: File not found, QuickBooks currently unavailable- please try again later, Account Service unavailable, and Web Page not available, etc.

These messages simply mean that a QuickBooks user can’t access its QBO account as some error/reason is restricting the QuickBooks Online Login. So, without wasting time let’s dig deep to find out the reasons/ errors that are restricting QuickBooks Online login.

Reasons/ Errors behind restricting QuickBooks Online Login s are:

  1. The user’s previous QuickBooks online account session was not logged out properly.
  2. There, third party antivirus software or firewall restricting QuickBooks Online access.
  3. Unable to access QBO due to slow or no network connectivity.
  4. Someone else has already logged into the account from another operating system.
  5. QBO website server down issue
  6. Typing incorrect login credentials for QBO or cannot recall the QuickBooks Online password.
  7. And, slow performance of the Chrome browser, etc can lead to QuickBooks login errors.

Now, as we came to know the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks Login Errors, the time has come to effectively fix this error without getting stressed and panicked about it. And, that is why, to help QuickBooks users in this particular matter, below we mentioned every possible solution to troubleshoot QuickBooks online login problems. So, let’s have a glance on these solutions without wasting any further second:

Solution for reason 1: In this case, you need to clear all your history as well as browsing data in order to login back to QuickBooks Online easily.

Solution for reason 2: To fix the QBO login error, disable the third-party antivirus software or firewall from your system. For that, navigate from ‘Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall off or on’ to ‘Turn off Windows Firewall.’

Solution for reason 3: If you came to know that your Internet connection is slow, then, in this case, try connecting your device with another strong Internet connection. Or, shut down your computer and remove the DSL modem in order to plug-in again after waiting for 30 seconds.

Solution for reason 4: If someone else has already logged into your account than what you can do is logged-out of QuickBooks Online account from all locations by clicking on the option of “logged out of all devices” and then log-in back from one single location.

Solution for reason 5: In this, check whether the server is down for you or for everybody by checking the server of the Intuit website from websites like ‘Outage report and ISITDOWNFORME’ etc.

Solution for reason 6:

  • Incorrect Login Credentials: In a hurry people mistakenly type incorrect or wrong login credentials. So, type slowly and carefully.
  • Reset Password for QBO: To do so, go to QuickBooks login homepage and there click on the ‘Forgot Password’ and on the next page provide the recovery email address to get the password reset code/link. Then, use that to direct yourself to Password reset page and their type a new password and after that login to your QBO account without any trouble.

Solution for reason 7:

To fix Chrome browser error that might be restricting QBO login, users can ‘Add new additional Chrome User’ and then log in to their QBO account without any hassle.

  • To do that, users need to first open ‘Chrome’ and then need to select ‘Settings’ in order to find the ‘Users’ section.
  • Then, open the ‘Users section’ to simply click on ‘Add new user box’ under it.
  • After that, select an icon and type a new user name.
  • Further click on the ‘Create’ button.
  • After doing so, an icon of ‘New User’ will appear on your Chrome browser.
  • That’s it! Switch from the old user to new by clicking on it and then sign-in with a new user in order to log in to your QuickBooks Online without having much trouble.