What To Consider Between Android And Ios

Apple and Google both have their pros and cons. By comparing their playing stores, we can see that there are more applications in Android. While on the other side there is iOS its store has fewer applications in contrast to Android. Moreover, we rarely find any viruses or Malware in iOS, whereas viruses and Malware are common in Android.

Additionally, Android’s widgets are well developed and quite handy nevertheless, we do not find iOS’ widgets that productive. However, recently the iPhone has introduced more useful widgets in Apple iPhone 11 Pro like managing time zones, CalZones, Carrot weather, ESPN, and so on. Furthermore, we will be mentioning below what to do between Android and iOS. Likewise, you can find more information regarding Android and iOS on the website of What Mobile.

Slow downing

The first thing which you notice about every electronic gadget is that they slow down as they age. This is what it looked like. They, after all, are made up of elements and batteries which tend to slow down by each passing moment. Talking about Android and iOS for both the results are inevitable. Consequently, it is easier for the companies to update the software, app and all other applications easily.

Still, it becomes difficult to update the operating system that’s why our phones get slow down. If we compare both the Android and iOS, it seems that iOS faces the slow down process but more slowly as compared to Android. By the slow down processes you would experience with the hanged phones, it will be taking a lot of time while loading, uploading and downloading. Conversely, this all will be happening as your device gets older.

Support to the phone

from what we could see against the current mobile phone industry, more specifically the Android phones do not update or either support its devices as they get older. As, for example, Android Lollipop 5.0, Lollipop 5.1, or Marshmallow 6.0 suddenly got lost in its updated versions. But still, for Android, some companies keep modifying their updates gradually over the period.

Yet even with having the renowned positions there didn’t seem to be an excellent chance for their updates. But still, there are phones like Google and Samsung. Accordingly, update their older mobile phones over time. Talking about Android and iOS. However, few phones from Android update their devices, as we mentioned above. But notwithstanding iOS updates and modifies their previous subjects time by time.

Operating system

Android is an open-source operating system. On the contrary, iOS is a closed source operating system. Likewise, Android users have the permission by law to recreate their subjects; however, if they want to. Hence, Android is an open-source operating system which ultimately means their code is available for free without any costs.

Users can use them. However, they please to do so. On the other hand, as we mentioned above, iOS is a closed operating system that does not allow anyone to use, modify, or either share it. Again, if you know the current iPhone Prices in Pakistan you will realize that both the closed or open operating systems do not count. Additionally, the subjects will be different if there has to be a casting vote.


We can’t declare that one is better than the other as we can see from the information mentioned above that on the different matters of subjects one is better than the other. And in things like the operating system, we can’t decide for either one.

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