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What Kind of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle?

There are different kinds of cases that come under the category of family law. There are special family courts where cases related to family and relationships are heard and handled. The main aim of family laws is to provide the best possible outcomes to families with issues, such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, adoption, etc. The role of family lawyers is to represent their clients who are in search of fair decisions to improve stability in their family unit.

Here are a few types of cases handled by such lawyers under family law

Domestic violence

There are a huge number of cases of domestic violence reported around the world every year, and the abuser may be legally required to face significant financial and legal penalties by the court. The victim may also seek legal protection or restraining orders from the court to prevent the abuser from reaching him or her. There are many complications involved in domestic violence cases, including physical, psychological, and financial damages to the victim. Due to such factors, you need to Hire Family Lawyers to Represent your Case, whether you are the victim or the accused.


Family courts are responsible for issuing decisions related to divorce cases, including support, child custody, visitation, etc. These courts also order mediation to help couples resolve their case out of court. In fact, family lawyers can also work as mediators to help couples make a mutually beneficial decision on the distribution of their assets and properties, and gaining custody of their children. It is seen that couples involved in court proceedings for their divorce have to face high-stress levels, while couples who settle their divorce through mutual separation are much happier.

What Kind of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle


There are different kinds of scenarios that may result from a marriage, and some of them may even require the intervention of a family court. According to family law, marriage is a kind of contract between two people who promise each other to be obliged to each other under certain conditions. Sometimes, a spouse may challenge their marriage, especially if they were engaged in cohabitation without marriage. The family court may also look into the issues regarding the legal licensing of marriage. Sometime, during a divorce proceeding, one spouse may claim that they never entered into a legal marriage. In such a case, the family lawyers may represent your case and ask for an annulment instead of a divorce.

Child support

According to the family court, child support has to be provided not only by the non-custodial parent of a child but by the custodial parent as well. For instance, if a child is under the care of a non-custodial parent for some time, the custodial parent would be responsible to pay for the child’s activities. Once the child support order is issued by the family court, it is almost impossible to modify or terminate it in any circumstance. In fact, these orders are also filed with a child support enforcement agency that makes sure that both parents are following the orders issued by the court. Any parent who is found to be not obliging with the orders often has to face strict penalties, which may even include termination of their parental rights. This applies not only to the non-custodial parent, but by the custodial parent as well, and this is when family lawyers are required to be hired.

So, if you are facing any of these issues regarding family law, hire qualified family lawyers to represent your case and let them fight for your rights on your behalf.

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