What Kind Of A YouTuber Are You? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

There were 2 billion YouTube users as of 2019! That means at least 28% of the people in the world are there on YouTube! It’s a great place to be if you want to tap into the potential of video marketing. And if you are already a YouTuber, then this article is going to be a fun read for you!

YouTube is so popular now, with so many influencers using the platform and becoming famous, there are now personas for YouTubers too. You can also learn how to edit videos for Youtube.  Like there are different kinds of people, there are different kinds of YouTubers. Do you know what kind you are?

Types of YouTubes Today

1. The Know It All

If you churn out “Did You Know?” videos or “Fun Facts,” then you are a Know-It-All YouTuber. This type of YouTuber believes in using interesting information in their videos to increase engagement. 

Their videos would be usually titled something like, “Five Facts About Portland That You Had No Idea About” or “Did You Know Mozart Had a Sister Who Was More Talented Than Her?”.

2. The Beauty Bee

Another common type, “Beauty Bee,” YouTuber is all about how you can improve your appearance. From make-up and hair hacks to creating DIY face packs, they are all about beauty. 

Their fan following is mostly female, and it would be safe to say that they do help people with grooming. Some of them get it terribly wrong though and are often trolled.

3. Mr./Ms. Laugh-a-Lot

Make the world laugh and get more subscribers, seems to be the motto of the “Laugh-a-Lot” YouTuber. They crack jokes, do parodies, mimic famous people, and win hearts.

Some are really witty, while some crack pathetically lame jokes. 

4. The Kid Star

It’s in the name. They are too young to be on YouTube but are already way more popular than what you were at their age. They sound cute, and it is their innocence that attracts them.

Some of them are natural on-screen, while others need some practice (okay a lot).

5. The Stunt Stunner

“Let’s do what others don’t,” will say the Stunt Stunner. They stun their viewers by doing dangerous things with their bodies or everyday objects. They can take a selfie while hanging upside down on a cliff or just jump in dangerous water. 

Nothing makes them stop. Their “epic fail” videos are hilarious to watch, but they never reveal how badly they were hurt. 

6. The Self-Made Chef

Their star is food. They make good-looking food (we don’t know how it tastes). They earn subscribers by recreating popular dishes or by simply tempting them. 

Food videos are one of the most popular kinds of videos on YouTube.

7. The Hack(er)

They have hacks for everything. Hacks to tie your shoelaces better or to make your hair straighter. They show you how to mend anything or to make better use of everyday objects, and you go, “Wow!”. Not all of it works at home, though.

Videos with hacks are super popular on YouTube. People love watching “Hack(ers)”.

8. The Gypsy

The “Gypsy” YouTuber posts travel videos. They might make you jealous, but their videos are a way to escape into the unknown lands. These globetrotters will show picturesque locations and give you a few-minutes escape. 

Some travel videos are really badly shot, though, where the “Gypsy” forgets to shoot the surroundings and focuses on their face all the time.

9. The Invisible One

These YouTubers aren’t visible on the screen; you can only hear their voice. Usually, their videos are animated or full of photos, videos of other people, and things along with some captions.

Some of such videos are a hit, but sometimes, viewers might find the voice-over to be very annoying.

10. The Single Singer

Many who had dreams of becoming a singer with slightly melodious voices are on YouTube. Either they sing covers of popular songs in their own way or sing a song they have composed. 

Most of the time, the ‘Single Singer’ gets it right. Some covers are better than the original songs. But sometimes your ears might bleed.

Now that you know what kind of a YouTuber you are (there are many other kinds of YouTubers too like the “Motivational Magician” or “Peachy Professors”, etc.), let’s give a tip on video editing.

How to Edit Videos For YouTube?

First of all, you’ll need a YouTube intro maker to get your video intros right. You need to hook your readers on in the first few seconds, which is why video intros are important. 

Make sure the video maker or video editor that you use also offers you templates that can make your work easy. Ai-powered editors like InVideo are great too. You can also go to www.videocreek.com for a hassle-free video editing experience. It’s free too!

Quick fact: YouTube is unpredictable. You may think that genres like crime or drama might be the ones that would be most popular on YouTube. But, interestingly, a cute channel named ‘Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes’ was the most-watched YouTube channel as of June 2020!

Continue using YouTube and make waves in the online world!

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