What Is the Best Type of Snowboard for You

What Is the Best Type of Snowboard for You?

Are you a novice in snowboarding and worried about the type of snowboard you should pick?

Snowboarding is quite liberating, whether you take it up as a sport or even an exciting hobby. If you’re unaware of the different kinds of boards to choose from, picking a good one can be a daunting task. Most snowboarding savants suggest that you get snowboards depending on the terrain and your level of expertise.

What Are the Different Types of Snowboards?

Snowboards can be in different styles, such as all-mountain or freeride. There is a long line-up to pick from and buy, depending on your interests. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting one, such as your level of expertise, preferences, and size.

In fact, snowboarding in Australia is gaining popularity. So, how can you pick the best one? Here is a list of different boards you can choose for your next trip!

Freestyle Snowboards

Freestyle varieties often get dubbed ‘playful’ because they’re meant for park terrain and are shorter in length. You can even switch your feet when using these, zipping onto things such as tree trunks, railings and trash cans. Freestyle snowboards are well suited for wall rides and are a fan favourite among snowboarders who appreciate park terrain.

Powder Snowboards

Powder varieties work best in new and more profound conditions. The build of a powder snowboard itself is thoughtful, with a narrow, tapered down tail and a wider nose. A powder snowboard is made so that the rider can float and steer with their back foot.


Splitboards are the ones you’d opt for if you were a maestro at the sport. These unique boards can break down into two halves for both uphill and downhill riding. However, there are a lot of prime factors to watch out for when heading out on your split board.

All-Mountain Snowboards

All-mountain varieties are a great pick if you are one for versatility. These boards can withstand the hiccups that both snow and terrain might throw at them. All-mountain boards are the best fit for you if you are a beginner at snowboarding.

Freeride Snowboards

Freeride boards are a great fit if you are significantly experienced and enjoy different terrain. These boards are also designed to perform well when going in one direction.

How to Pick a Snowboard?

Picking out a snowboard that suits your tastes will be quite easy if you look out for certain factors:

The Size of the Snowboard

When choosing the right snowboard size, a lot will depend on your body weight and height. The right snowboard for you also depends on the kind of riding you plan on doing.

How Good Are You at Riding a Snowboard?

Your expertise in riding a snowboard is a major determining factor when selecting a snowboard. Most snowboards available on the market get specially designed according to different individuals’ ability levels.

Essential Features to Look Out for When You Buy a Snowboard

  • If you are freestyling with your snowboard, or even riding around in a park, pick shorter sized board.
  • You should consider getting a longer snowboard if you weigh ‘above average.’
  • If you are a newcomer to snowboarding, look for a shorter board that meets your size range.
  • Try to pick out a longer snowboard if you’re one for mountain trails or even powder or freeriding.  

Summing Things Up

This article has introduced you to the various types of snowboards and their exciting features. When picking out a snowboard best suited for you, focusing on your abilities, preferences, and build will do well.

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