Watch Guide TOP 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omega

Watch Guide: TOP 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omega

For the rich and famous, for those who want to celebrate milestones, and for those who want to add final touches to their business attire, luxury watch brands have always been the choice. This no longer comes as a surprise because luxury watches seem to be different from other expensive things that you can buy for yourself. It is not the same as the primary must-haves like buying a new house or a new car. People usually buy luxury watches—an accessory—when they are already established or successful enough to buy the finer things in life. Not the same as pieces of jewelry, luxury watches often give off a sense of professionalism. Most luxury watches are good enough, but for us, there is nothing like Omega as a luxury watch brand. Here are the reasons why.

1. The brand follows strict protocols

Switzerland has been the Mecca for luxury watch brands. One of the ultimate selling points of Omega is that Swiss watch experts are the ones who have carefully put their pieces together, giving you a timeless watch, a work of perfection. Swiss-made watches are guaranteed to be of the best quality when it comes to watches. The country has strict standards for Swiss-made luxury watches that give certifications for the most precise watches.

Luxury watches made in Switzerland usually use mechanical movements. This means that expert watchmakers carefully assemble small gears and cogs that, with perfect engineering, will work together to keep time. Since luxury watches are handmade, you can bet that they can last forever. That being said, Omega has been one of the best luxury watch brands that follow this prestigious protocol as a Swiss-made watch.

2. Ensures the utmost precision in timekeeping

We mentioned how luxury watches give off a sense of professionalism. This is because aside from it being a sophisticated accessory, its purpose, first and foremost, is to tell time. The public sees those who wear luxury watches as being important people that they need to always keep track of their time because of their status. That being said, the best luxury watches also tell the most precise time.

Over time, Omega has proven to tell the time in its utmost accuracy. It even broke many records when it was tested. In 1950, Omega stole the record for the most precise timekeeping in Geneva, Switzerland. At the Geneva Observatory Trials in the following year, these Omega watches were also first-placers in all categories. Even after all those years up to the present, the quality of Omega watches still endures.

We also mentioned in the prior point about strict protocols in Switzerland when it comes to the quality of the watches they make. Related to this, Omega also undergoes (and passes) strict tests on chronometers by the COSC or the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. COSC gives certifications for watch brands who pass their test of timekeeping accuracy.

3. Holds great value

Omega watches can hold their value over time and in some instances, can even exceed their store price. However, this only applies to limited edition watches. Omega usually releases limited edition watches that will be sold out in less than a day. The next time that you will see these limited watches, they now hold a more valuable price. Investing in luxury watches can be worth it and can even give you profit. Just make sure that you are one of the firsts to nab the limited edition watch!

Omega is a luxury watch brand that has pricey limited edition watches. However, for a luxury brand, it offers relatively affordable watches considering its value, quality, and prestige. Most Omega watches cost around $5000. This is in comparison with other 5-digit or 6-digit-worth luxury watch brands.

Omega is also one of the first luxury watch brands to innovate by using Quartz. Compared with mechanical movements, Quartz is more affordable.

4. Versatile

You can wear Omega watches anytime, anywhere—literally. Omega is present in many historical feats of humanity when it comes to adventures. Explorers wear Omega watches when they go to the South Pole in Antarctica during one of its first expeditions. For divers, voyagers, and captains, the Omega Seamaster is the perfect fit. Omega was also one of the first watches to ever make it to the moon as Buzz Aldrin had worn an Omega watch when he went to the surface of the moon.

Omega is versatile in that it not only fits explorers, divers, and even space explorers. You can wear it to any function, be it a night at the club, a black-tie event, or any other event. You can also wear it in your office.

5. Revolutionary

Among all luxury watch brands, Omega is one of the brands that are always geared towards development and innovation. Omega always takes big steps in the watchmaking industry when it finds ways to develop a watch’s resistance or durability to a magnet. Strong magnetic fields are a mechanical watch’s fatal flaw. Because of its pull, it affects the engineering of the watch, making it wear out and inaccurate in timekeeping. This is why experts advise that you keep your watches away from devices that have magnetic fields.

What other watches usually do is use casing techniques that distribute magnetism. It was Omega that developed a way for watches to entirely prevent it. Omega developed a movement with materials that cannot be attracted by a magnet.

6. Camera-ready

Last but not the least, Omega watches are quite stylish and elegant. You can even see lots of celebrities and personalities wearing Omega watches. Wearing an Omega watch can be a big plus with your outfit. Even just simple outfits can be made classy by wearing Omega watches.

Choose from a wide range of designs

Here are just some of the reasons why we approve Omega watches. If you ever want to buy your first luxury watch, we highly suggest that you get an Omega watch. It has a wide range of models and styles that will greatly fit your lifestyle and fashion sense.

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