Want to clear the SBI PO exam Here are some tips

Want to clear the SBI PO exam? Here are some tips

SBI conducts an exam for the post of probationary officer, the post is highly regarded. Because of this reason, the exam has a lot of competition. It is challenging and tests its candidates on a vast number of topics. The PO exam is conducted on three different levels: Prelims, Mains, and the third round which is group discussion or interview. 

If you utilize your time efficiently and make good strategies, you can prepare well for the exam in just a month too. Remember, if you are short on time you need to be more consistent and work harder than the others. The first and foremost step is to have to be motivated and focused, you should not think about what the results could be, rather, think about increasing your knowledge and your skills for the exam.

To know where to start your preparation, you must start by checking the syllabus. It will help provide you with the knowledge of what you need to prepare. You can make a schedule according to the syllabus, you can direct more preparation time towards the topics that are new to you and slightly less time to the topics you are already prepared for. 

Since the English language is a part of the syllabus, you need to work on it too to make it to the SBI PO cut off. Keep in mind that if you prepare for this part of the exam thoroughly, it will prove to be helpful to you. As English can be a scoring and an easy subject at the same time, prepare well for it. 

You can start by watching or reading things in the English language, this will strengthen your hold and command over the language. As you do so, you will come across a lot of new words, remember to keep a list of these words so that you can keep revising them at later times. 

Try to practice using books that will help you in improving your grammatical skills as well. 

The next section to prepare for would be mathematics, a basic level of maths skills are required to perform well in the PO exam. But, remember to be thoroughly prepared on these basic topics. You should be clear with all of the concepts and topics, remember to learn all the formulae for the topics that would be asked in the exam. 

Since maths is a practical subject, the most important thing would be to practice regularly. You need to make sure that you make the least amount of mistakes during the exam. For this, you will need to be quick and accurate with your calculations, this could only be achieved with a lot of thorough practice. You should practice using different books. Remember to practice to increase your question-solving speed. 

Preparation for the reasoning section might prove to be difficult as the questions in this section seem confusing. It feels like there is no proper way to prepare for the questions. But, that is not the case. If you practice thoroughly you will be able to figure out simple ways of solving the questions. Soon, you will be able to form your theories and use them to solve the questions in no time. 

To perform well in the general knowledge section of the exam, you must remember to be consistent with the news. You must watch the news and read newspapers regularly. Remember that it is important to be updated about the current events to perform well in the exam. Do not leave this preparation for the last day as it is extremely important. 

As you keep on practicing you must also keep a note of all that you learn. These notes don’t have to be detailed as you can just make short notes that can be easily referred to. Keeping notes will help you in revising easily. 

Revising for the exam is an important step, you must revise everything that you have prepared regularly before the exam. 

After you are done preparing and revising, you must also practice a few mock tests or sample papers. Sample papers are the best way of assessing your practice for the exam. You can find sample papers easily.

Make sure that you practice these papers along with a timer, after you are done solving the paper, you must also check the answers that you have marked. Most mock tests come with an answer key as well. When you check your answers, you will get to know about the sections that you are weak in and the sections that you are thoroughly prepared for. Fix your mistakes after you are done assessing yourself, this prepares you more for the exam. 

You must also remember to stay within the time limit of the exam, running out of time leads to stress which causes you to make calculation mistakes. This will ruin your chances of clearing the exam. A good amount of practice is going to increase your speed. If not, then you can learn simple shortcuts or tricks for solving the questions. There are a lot of different shortcuts or tips for solving difficult questions quickly and more accurately, try to utilize them. 

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While attempting the question paper, you should stay focused and concentrate on your work. Remember, you need to be quick and accurate in solving the questions. If you lose focus you would make calculation mistakes. Do not mark the answers by simple ‘guesswork’ as this will cause you to lose marks. 

Manage your time efficiently during the exam, give yourself enough time to solve every question. If you can manage your time well, you will have enough time for revising your answers well. Revising your answers will eliminate any silly mistakes that you have made so far.

Other than these tips, remember to be positive and calm for your exam. Stress can cause you to make mistakes in your exam that you do not want. If you stay focused and calm you will surely perform well and clear the exam.

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