Types of Custom Packaging Boxes for your Business

Types of Custom Packaging Boxes for your Business

When it comes to the perfect product most of your customers do judge a book by its cover! Packaging and the product exterior are what formulates the customer’s initial opinion of your product. Do they see your product as something that serves their needs, do they see your product as a trustworthy and high-quality product, or do they overlook your product because they hardly understand what it’s about? Your packaging is what will answer all these questions. The right kind of custom printed boxes will ultimately increase the value of your product and let your customers know that the product is reliable and of high quality.

Apart from that, custom printed packaging boxes wholesalers help better endorse your products on social media. It perceives it as a luxury product the more embellishments you add to your packaging and customers want nothing more than reassurance that the product that they have bought is one that will satisfy them. Along with an attractive exterior, there is more about packaging that can help make an impression. For example, the quality of the custom boxes material and how sturdy it is. After all, no one wants packaging that may look great but is flimsy and leaves the product vulnerable to damage. Among packaging custom packaging is probably one that has gained the most popularity. Here are the types of packaging for your business:

Paperboard Boxes

The best possible custom box material if you are looking for something lightweight but also sturdy is the paperboard boxes. These lay flat when not in use and can be folded back to this form for reuse. With custom designs and shaping these paperboard boxes can be shaped in any shape or form. For custom packaging, they can serve as a great source. Moreover, there are many types of paperboard boxes that you can use when it comes to packaging. Here are a few:

  • There are the solid bleach sulfate boxes are exceptional when it comes to custom packaging. Not only are these boxes smooth and give a good look to the boxes but they are also white owing to their clay-coated surface. The ply bleached virgin hardwood fibre makes them smooth and give a good look as well as a smooth feel to the customers.
  • Then there is the coated unbleached Kraft paperboard which is great for the eco-friendly cause if that’s what you are looking for. They are resistant to moisture and come in excellent strength that will suffice to hold the larger materials as well
  • Chipboard paperboard is the kind of paperboard that is made from reclaimed or recycled stock and due to that it serves in saving you money on packaging. However, this isn’t a very popular material for packaging wholesalers because it tends to decompose in moisture-rich environments and isn’t sturdy enough to hold heavy items.

Corrugated Boxes

These are better known as cardboard boxes and this is the most utilized transport packaging material. Packaging suppliers like PackagingMines and GetInstantPrinting, there are multiple options for packaging material that you can choose from to make the best decision for your brand and your product. These boxes are mainly used for shipping and the larger the flutes or waves of cardboard corrugation the more cushioning will be provided to your product. These boxes are sturdy and reliable for all kinds of products.

Rigid Boxes

This is a branded packaging and many brand names do utilize rigid boxes for products to depict a sense of high-quality. They are made of condensed paperboard and offer 4 times the thickness and sturdiness as compared to the paperboard. This is why they generally come at a higher price than the rest of the packaging. They are designed not to break or suffer damage which makes them more expensive. They can be used for any kind of product including apparel and electronic gadgets for custom packaging boxes with logos.

Plastic Boxes

These are another famous choice when it comes to packaging. Plastic boxes are generally stronger than paperboard boxes. These kinds of boxes are generally used for food packaging, when they are made airtight, they help in better preserving food items from environmental as well as physical damage. It’s flexible and lightweight which makes it ideal for shipping purposes. The smooth surface can be coated to add customization to your products. Despite what some people may believe these boxes also tend to be recyclable which means that they are eco-friendly. These boxes make the perfect custom packaging for small businesses.

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