Two tribes go to war!

Two tribes go to war!

We humans are a tribal bunch, so when the going gets tough we have to pick a side! Which tribe are you then? This 5-reel slot called Two Tribes lets you choose from 6 tribes, all pitching against each other to take the glory in this Games Company feature slot.

Players get to be a part of some serious battling between these warring tribes and collect some big money prizes. But the tribes aren’t completely doomed, they’ll help you with your betting balance, as within the game lurk some attractive bonus features like extra wilds, expanding symbols, and multiplying wilds.

Are you ready to rumble?

If you like a good strategy game, then here you’d got it! Round up your armies and set them against their rivals, may the best tribe take the glory! Obviously, it’s a game of luck and not a huge amount of war strategy, but the theme is on-trend and fits in well with hardcore battle strategy fans.

The use of the innocent cartoon-like characters softens the otherwise bloody-battle side of the game, nothing makes a deadly weapon more palatable than if it’s penned by a cartoonist…

Reels wise, expect playing card symbols, from 9 to Ace with arrows included, along with daggers, swords, and friendly-looking axes included.

Tribal insignia can be found on the other symbols, appearing on coats of arms that proudly cover a range of shields from wooden to golden, with complimentary arrows of course!

Are you ready to rumble

The big bonuses of war!

As the name suggests, the stars of this slot are the tribes. They launch at each other before each reel stage, there really are some quality animations to be enjoyed with this game. But it’s not all for show, with each stunning depiction of battle comes a wealth of bonuses; these depend on which tribe is at war with whom.

  • Dragon or Skeleton Extra Wilds: When Dragon or Skeleton tribes attack, they drop extra wilds on the reels, helping to complete your winning combinations of symbols, and to reward extra winning prizes for the player.
  • Knight or Caveman – Expanding symbols: This special feature activates when Knight or Cavemen tribes attack. One symbol on the reels expands to cover an extra reel position in each direction. This can potentially mean some big winning rewards.
  • Dwarf or Wizard Multiplying Wilds: Arguably the hottest bonus of the lot, it can add special wilds to the reels. If then, those wilds go on to populate a winning payline, the win will be multiplied at random and could prove very worthwhile.

These are random attacks and occur completely unannounced during a standard game, they can involve just one tribe or two. So, you must stay sharp, and make sure you don’t miss out on some big wins here!

Trials and tribulations of life in battle!

The game has 40 fixed paylines, seasoned players will know this makes for great chances with the winning symbol sequences, and on each and every reel spin. As expected payout schedules for line wins can suffer because of this, but the 100x line multiplier doesn’t have to be a disappointment in the context of such great animation and gameplay, even if five wild symbols or golden insignias are needed to win this. 

On the flip side, you’ll get the opportunity to drop some seriously optimistic-sized bets in our online bitcoin casino, and across 40 pay lines you’ll also get the chance to win 5,000 credit jackpots with every spin of the reels.

Wars are won battle by battle, they say…

The Games Company has excelled with this slot, and we’re happy to host it at Bitcasino. Players get a tantalizing mix of fantasy war gaming with the thrill of a five-reel Bitcoin casino slot.

It’s a great-looking game and very well designed, mimicking the much-loved strategic social games like Clash of Clans, but with the added enjoyment of special bonus features, getting you hooked on the entertainment of the reel action.

Ok, so Two Tribes doesn’t have the very biggest wins, but with 40 paylines, those who persevere may see themselves racking up some serious cash in their Bitcasino wallet.

Trials and tribulations of life in battle!

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