Trendy hand block printed clothing that will lure any woman

Trendy hand block printed clothing that will lure any woman

When human evolution was taking place, people used to wear leaves and grass. After some time, they started wearing the skins of animals they hunted. The evolution of human life has brought many changes in lifestyle adaptation. Today, people have set bars for different clothing accessories that are separate from men and women. There are two major different clothing styles available for women- western wear and ethnic wear.

This article will discuss some of the trendy hand block printed clothing that obviously comes under the ethnic wear category and some of the major fashion hacks you can try with ethnic wear.

The hand block printed clothing has different varieties. You can match the hand block print in almost three different ways that we have listed down below. The Middle East and South East Asia are very much popular in the category of ethnic wear all over the world.

We can see a large demand for hand-block printed clothing has been constantly increasing in recent times. As fashion is something that keeps evolving with time, current trends will eventually fade away after some time. But it will see a rise again after a certain period of time.

What is hand block printing?

Just like some old painting cultures like Madhubani and kalamkari, hand block printing is an art that has been practiced for a long time. It is a process of printing that has not changed since its invention.

The printing manufacturers design their motive with great care and with new innovations. It is further copied on a block of wood.

The carpenter further cuts out the block of wood according to the design. This is how the blocks are prepared. In other words, you can just refer to wooden stamps or wooden henna stamps.

The designs are carefully carved with the help of different tools. After this, the printing color is made with the help of various natural substances like indigo, flower extract, fruit extracts, and vegetable extracts.

What are the hand block printed products that will lure any women?

The hand block print is basically printed on the ethnic wears, both for men and women. It is to be noted, the art of hand block print is first printed on any white base cloth. After which, it is passed to the tailor to make a dress or any other items out of it.

1. Saree

The hand-block-printed sarees are very much trending nowadays. The rich designs and colors that are extracted from natural resources are very much enough for luring any woman. People who love ethnic wear can easily choose these sarees over anything else.

2. Kurta sets

The hand-block-printed kurtis are something that you can wear with leggings, jeggings, trousers, denim jeans, pants, and patiala pants.

3. Other accessories

Nowadays, people prefer hand block prints on bags, wallets, belts, scarves, hair ties, hair bands, scrunchies, and even watch bands.


Ethnic wear comes in different varieties. It becomes very easy to choose from the vast collection of clothing. As discussed above, the trendy hand block printed clothing is a must-have for women who love patterns.

There are almost more than 80% of women who are head over heels for the hand block printed clothing, thus, this blog is for them.

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