Traveling With a Baby Here's What You Should Know

Traveling With a Baby? Here’s What You Should Know

Going on a vacation with a baby on an airplane can be difficult. It’s already tasking enough to pack and find everything organized for your travels. Adding a baby into the equation changes it all, especially what is happening with the world! Don’t fret. You are not alone!

Here are some tips for a breezier trip with your bundle of joy

Flight Schedules Should Be In Line With Your Baby’s Bedtime

Always consider the nap and bedtimes of your baby when booking flights. This can be important for many reasons. Make sure your baby is in a perfectly good mood during and after the flight.

If you’re taking a global flight, there are techniques to avoid being jet-lagged. If you can’t find a perfect flight, you’ll be able to try! It’ll be worth it! 

Go First Class If You’ll Be Able to Afford It

Put those airline points into use, which will make everything more convenient. You may have extra space, more attention, and everything you need for your baby.  Although flights have changed due to COVID, you may still have extra space and it’ll be all worthwhile. If you want to read more about this information then read the singapore lifestyle blog

Make Sure You Have a Ticket, Passport/ID for Your Baby In Place

Yes, you would like an airplane ticket, passport, and any documents for your baby’s identification. Make sure you keep it handy. The airline will be able to give your baby a bassinet and reserve your seats in advance! 

Have Different Bags

Most airlines will allow you to require a bag for the baby in addition to your carry-on. You ought to always call the airline and double-check but this can be pretty standard.

Here are the checklists for your baby’s essentials:

  • Face Masks (Put some in every bag and also stroller)
  • Diaper
  • Portable or disposable diaper change pad(s)
  • Wipes (and tons of it!)
  • Use hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • Soft, plush toys that aren’t musical (to not bother fellow travelers)
  • Extra onesies for the baby. Get extra socks for yourself because it may get cool on the plane.
  • Formula powder or ready-made bottles (or breast milk)
  • Pre-packaged baby food for emergencies
  • Bottled water once you meet up with security or prior since most airports allow you to get in your bag if you’ve got a baby.
  • Medicines prescribed from the pediatrician
  • Pacifier and Clip (I would take some and put it in several bags just in case you lose one.)
  • Travel prams (I highly recommend River Baby products for their lightweight and comfort for your little ones)
  • Baby carrier made of soft material
  • Placemat made of silicone that can be used on an aircraft or anywhere else.
  • Silicone bowl with suction and utensils
  • One extra t-shirt or outfit for parents
  • Light swaddle blankets
  • Ziploc or dirty diaper bag
  • Silicone baby bibs

Before And Final Flight

Before the flight, change your baby’s diaper and make a full bottle of milk on the go. Wipe everything out with sanitizing wipes as soon as you board the plane. 

You’ll be amazed at what your baby will try to put on his or her mouth inside the plane. He can grab everything from the remote control to the armrest.  

Make sure you have your sanitizing wipes with you on your bag at all times.  Due to COVID-19, you have to be sure that your baby’s safety is your utmost priority.

During takeoff and landing, put your baby’s favorite pacifier in his mouth or give him a small portion of fruit or biscuit for him to munch on.  This will keep the baby busy and sit in place without being fussy.

You can also just hang out in front of a pond with pond filter foam or any body of water such as a lake or sea shore so you can soothe them and make them feel more relaxed.

If you’re bottle-feeding, let your baby sit upright while eating. The gas pressure may cause the baby’s ears to pop so you will do it to prevent that. Or else, your baby might cry because he doesn’t understand what’s going on around him. 

Stay Calm And Worry-Free

Remember that traveling with your little one is not as perfect as it seems. Everyone goes through this stress, most especially first-time parents.

The most effective way you will do this is to be prepared. You can also safekeep all of your valuables in your house by putting them inside a biometric home safe.

Stay Calm And Worry-Free

Don’t argue along with your partner over little things that will stress you out. Focus only on the solutions to be addressed on your baby’s needs.

Your baby will sense your anxiety and react accordingly.  And lastly, don’t worry about what others will think if your baby cries on the plane.


Calm your baby as much as you can and that’s about all you’ll be able to do!  Focus on your baby’s welfare and reassure that everything’s going to be alright.

Most likely you will never run into these problems as long as you follow our tips, so stop worrying, and take more pictures of your trip with the baby, and as a family, and make wonderful moments together.

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