Top Tips for Open a Can Without an Opener

Top Tips for Open a Can Without an Opener

Well, it might happen that you are in the middle of a party or a family function all set for the evening and you realize that you have all your cans ready but the can opener is missing. So here we are going to tell you how to open a can easily. Well when we talk about parties, it is not meant to be a beer or wine.

Your party could be just a house party with Indian style snacks or salty charts and some different types of drinks. Interestingly we found out that you can make some milkshakes for your kids at the party while you enjoy your own party. Now before you start looking for drinks for your kid, I would just give you small tips on not using raw milk for any drink. You must scald the milk well before you use it for any drink. If you don’t know how to scald milk using a stove, then you can also use a microwave to scald your milk.

Now we will give you some very important tips about how to open a can without a can opener. You just need to follow the steps very closely to make your party evenings very smooth and happy without any chaos.

Top Tips to Open a Can Without an Opener

Now before we share the tips let us tell you that every problem has a solution. We are not saying this because not that this is how the saying goes. There is really some amount of truth in it. Often we have come across parties, where parties are destroyed or spoiled because of the parties due to some small issues which could have been dealt with otherwise.

  • There are many options that you can choose to open a can even if you do not have any can opener. But make sure you know the technique of using the substitute items and they do not cause any harm to you.
  • You can firstly use the most commonly available pocket knife, to open your can. This kind of knife is easy to find and easy to use. So you can open a can using a pocket knife during the middle of your party.
  • The next thing that you can use which is again very easily available at home is a spoon. Are you thinking about how? It is very simple. You just need to place the can on a table and place the spoon at the right angle to the can.
  • Last but not the least, another option which again many have at home is a Chef’s knife. This is a great supplement to the can opener who does not have a can opener at home.


The above-mentioned tips or solutions are for everyone who wishes to know how to open a can without a can opener. But all that we would like to say that nothing can stop anything that is going to happen. During emergencies or events at home you can quickly use your mind and use any of the above-mentioned techniques.

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