Top Skills You Need For Writing Better Code

Top (New!) Skills You Need For Writing Better Code

A large number of programming languages with simpler syntax rules are available at present date that ultimately provides an enhanced level of comfort for the programmers to do their job but still, programming is not an easy task. A strict programmer requires much more than merely learning mathematics and syntax of a programming language.

There are plenty of skills that are required to be developed in addition to having the technical knowledge to perform in an efficient and productive manner. Soft skills such as problem-solving, excellent memory, analytical thinking, effective communication, and understanding all are the prerequisites to build a bright career in the programming world.

In this article, we are going to put some focus on a few top skills that are required to become an excellent programmer. These skills are as under


When you begin to write code, you may feel absolutely devastating. You are likely to get attacked with a number of questions like front end or back end-which one to concentrate? which programming language should be chosen? From where to start? and so on. All these questions may put you in a situation where you will end up being completely confused and feel like giving up. However, it is mandatory for you to maintain your self-confidence in such situations.

It is necessary to control the annoyance, disappointment, confusion, and the dependency on outside resources to resolve technical problems in order to become a good programmer. Hence, you are required to find out the ways to fight these barriers if you want to establish yourself as a skilled programmer. Endless options are available at the present date that can aid you to learn in an uncomplicated way and master the most significant coding skills.

Efficient Laziness

Each and every one of us are taught not to be lazy for our work since childhood however the story is a bit different in the case of programmers. Laziness is considered as a must-have skill for all the proficient programmers. For programmers, it aids in finding the best ways to complete the given task in less time duration because of the fact that lazy people do not like to spend much time and energy on completing one task. Hence, this is an important soft skill for good programmers as it adds on to their efficiency.


One more soft skill that is viewed as important to become an expert programmer is logic which develops by learning the combination of mathematics, physics, and programming languages. Activities like playing brain games, solving logic puzzles, reading, etc. help a lot in developing your logical skills. The applications like Dcoder or Dylomo are available that can be used to resolve problems and construct online logic models.

Recognition of Stupidity

Expecting common sense from the computer’s end during coding is the head towards the fall. Computers are stupid and harsh. They do specifically what they are commanded to do. Hence, you are required to be very cautious while coding as you need to define accurately what you are expecting from a computer to do without leaving any loopholes to risk or assumption. Although, you are not required to tell everything like the calculations which can be made automatically, still specifying the things where you cannot afford to trust is remarkably significant.


Being a developer, the key member for a project development team, you are likely to have professional meetings on a regular basis and the meetings do not consist of only developers but there are other people as well who are not technically sound yet they are the key members of the project. It means you have to describe the logic for your decisions in a non-technical way to make everything clear to them.

Some people may understand everything promptly while others may need more explanation. They are also likely to ask strange questions without even understanding what they’re asking exactly. This situation can irritate you. It is important to be patient in such scenarios as this is critical for successful teamwork.

You need to keep in mind that everyone does not understand how challenging programming is, or how much effort is required to write the codes.


Developing a sound relation with the team members is important as it helps you to know about the obstacles that they encounter and this way you can work for finding out the solutions for their problems and taking the project towards the right path. Looking for solutions to each other’s problems and giving suggestions on each other’s ideas becomes more comfortable when the team members share a good bond among them. Empathy enables you to forecast how other people are going to react to what you say which means you can plan the best way you can utilize to talk to your audience with an aim to convince them in a better way.


Open-mindedness is also an important skill to become a good coder because you are more likely to acquire fresh ideas when you keep yourself open-minded. No matter the idea is of yours or of someone else’s you should immediately grasp the idea if it is worthy. Even bad ideas can bring something good along with them if you analyze the other side of the coin. Hence you are required to perform a proper check before making a decision to reject any new idea coming from what-so-ever source. The more ideas your mind will be carrying, the more potential you will earn to work on the varieties of projects.


Whenever you make a mistake, dare to take ownership of that mistake. This can be difficult for you and not admitting your mistake may give you benefits for a short span of time but then the possibilities that you or any of your team members performing the same mistake again in the coming days increase which can eventually lead to a huge loss hence it is mandatory to admit and correct your mistakes as and when they are recognized instead of running away from them.

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