Top Roll-Up Banner Design Tips for the Maximum Impact at Trade Fairs

Top Roll-Up Banner Design Tips for the Maximum Impact at Trade Fairs

Participating in trade shows can be very useful for businesses. It can not only raise brand awareness among industry professionals but also help forge profitable business relationships. Trade fairs are also a wonderful opportunity for discovering potential sales leads as well as performing competitor analysis. Using a roll-up banner display is one of the best ways for a small business to raise its brand awareness and advertise its products and services. However, to generate the desired impact, the roll-up banner must be designed right. Some essential tips for effective roll-up banner design:

Place the Business Logo Right at the Top

In the typical clutter of a trade fair, it is important to inform your target audience upfront regarding who you are. You can do this by placing your business logo at the top of the banner. It is the best place since it will be at the eye level of people facing the banner. In any case, it is the habit of people to read information from the top downwards. You can include the main message right after the logo so that the maximum number of people passing by gets what you are trying to communicate.

Follow the Logical Reading Sequence

Since a roll up banner offers limited space, you must place the graphics and the narrative in the proper sequence so that the message is assimilated faster. Keep in mind that people are trained from an early age to read from top to bottom and from left to right. Don’t try to include too much information in the banner; stick to only the essential points. For the rest of the details, consider distributing flyers or putting up larger backdrop banners.

Use High-Quality Images

The best way of attracting attention to your roll-up banner is to use high-quality, relevant, and interesting images. For best results, make sure that the images are saved in a CYMK file format, not RGB, and the resolution is 300 DPI for best reproduction quality. According to the BBC, low-resolution images can appear pixilated.

Use Colors for Best Impact

The use of bright colors in your banner design can help to catch the attention of potential customers. However, you must not use colors randomly. To create the best impact stick to a color palette derived from the colors of your business logo. Use a background color that permits the images and the text to stand out and be easily readable. In case the background color or image is such that it does not permit adequate contrast, you should encase your images and text with a distinctive border. Also, keep in mind that different colors evoke different sentiments, so it is important to go with a color scheme that suits your business sector.


Since you can buy roll-up banners in a large variety of sizes, you should plan how you will use them so that you choose the most appropriate size. Making minimal use of text with the right spacing will improve readability. It is also important to commit yourself to a specific design aesthetic so that your banners have better recognition and memorability.

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