Top Reasons Why Rangefinders Help You Maximize Your Strengths on The Course

Top Reasons Why Rangefinders Help You Maximize Your Strengths on The Course

Golfing has evolved from manual measurements and long determinations to modern curations and technology. One of the tools that have gained popularity in golf courses is the rangefinder which helps golfers estimate long distances and gradients.

In the past, the binoculars were used by rangers and the military but have now been improvised to golf. Advanced technology has enhanced rangefinder developments and enhanced performance in various tournaments around the world.

Below you will find a review of the best budget golf rangefinder and how they enhance the course.

Why Are Rangefinders Important?

  • Without the rangefinder, you might struggle to pace off distances for shots or locate the pin’s precise location. You will also need to imagine the shot and guess the best way to hit it.

    However, the rangefinder will provide all the information you need, including the distance to the pin, the elevation, and the angle. This way, you won’t take long before making your shot as you quickly make informed decisions.
  • The rangefinder has been a savior for new golfers who hardly make accurate judgments about distances. Note that you will struggle to control your clubs’ distance if you miss your calculations on your shots. Therefore, using a rangefinder to work on distances and applying them to the course can be a game-changer.
  • The rangefinder is helpful, especially in crowded tournaments or on courses with obstructions and objects. Using the gadget ensures that you don’t hit other players or objects in front as they provide their location and the thrust needed. Also, you will know the distances over hazards on the course and shoot on safe areas and make a significant difference in the round.

The Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

  • The pro-nexus rangefinder-The gadget is known for its unique precision, making it the best to locate the pin. The scanning mode features enables the rangefinder to constantly scan and provide different distances of different objects on the course. Besides, the rangefinder has a unique pin-lock feature that includes a vibration whenever the target has been locked on.
  • WoSports H100AG Rangefinder- The budget-friendly rangefinder is accurate, especially within 200 yards. Just like the pro nexus rangefinder, the WoSports gadget also locks and vibrates on pins, especially if your club has reflectors. It is the best choice for you if you struggle with yardage information.
  • Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder is relatively small, meaning that it is easy to carry along the course and fits nicely in your pocket. One of this rangefinder’s favorite features is the scanning mode, which provides different readings for multiple targets as you move around your targets. The rangefinder also provides a pulse vibration whenever it locates the flag.

Your preferences on the course should determine the type of rangefinder you choose. You don’t have to buy expensive rangefinders when there is a cheaper option that can serve you even better. The best thing is to understand all the features that a rangefinder provides and utilize them for high performance.  

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