Grow Your Business on YouTube With These Ideas

Top Ideas on How To Grow Your Business on YouTube

Description: Every marketing plan these days should include a strategy for a YouTube channel. There are plenty of amazing opportunities to grow your business on that platform. So don’t miss out and check our top ideas on how to make YouTube work for your business.

Does anyone remember how a YouTube channel looked like in 2005? The now most popular video sharing platform only had the basic functions like tabs for favorite videos, direct messages, and uploaded videos. The homepage that asked for your username and password looked tacky, to say the least. Fast-forward to 2020. YouTube audiences have grown so big that the webpage is now one of the top channels for marketers to make their business visible. Over 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. The only search engine that outranks it is Google. This means that a company that uploads to YouTube can get their content in front of a massive audience. It doesn’t matter whether you sell clothes, make music, or preach about the benefits of the keto diet. You can reach people from all over the world with your awesome YouTube channel.

Want to take advantage of this great opportunity? If yes, then let’s take a look at some effective ways you can take grow your business on YouTube in 2020. Here we go.

Make Your YouTube Channel Educational

The cool thing about a YouTube channel page is that it shows up in Google search results. This means that the platform is one of the main places where people search for answers to questions these days. And if you give them enough useful knowledge, they’ll start tuning in to your channel. Because look, your brand can be awesome, and your products can be the best in the world, but when producing videos, you should leave them aside for a moment. Your main focus should be on bringing genuine value to your viewers with videos full of practical tips and useful advice. This will build a trustworthy relationship between your viewers and the brand.

You can also start gathering a community of subscribers around your brand. But here’s the thing: you need to stay committed to uploading to YouTube for this to work. Fans expect their favorite companies to come out with fresh content at least once a week.

Keep Producing New Content

If you’ve ever run a blog, you know this well: the best way to grow an audience is to post quality content regularly. And how to do that? It’s simple. You need to get organized. Make a posting schedule the central part of your marketing strategy for YouTube. Nothing builds trust with your viewers better than promising new videos and then delivering them on the promised dates.

Make the Channel Yours

YouTube offers multiple ways to customize your channel and make it congruent with your brand image and its values. The first thing to do is to customize your channel’s layout. This means uploading a trailer for your videos, adding a channel header, and organizing your videos into sections. And don’t forget to add your company’s social media links.

What’s your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)?

Before you start uploading video content on YouTube, you should ask yourself: what are the reasons why someone would subscribe to my channel? Answering this question gives you a clear idea of what your content should be about. Too many channels start branching out and upload videos that have nothing to do with their central purpose. Yes, they may be able to upload more content this way, but in the long run, it will hurt their branding. Here’s a better way: find a knowledge gap in your niche and cover that Gap with your videos.

Live Streaming – Great for a Gaming Channel

Youtube provides many useful features, and live-streaming is perhaps the biggest opportunity among them. YouTube is constantly coming up with new tools to enhance the broadcasting experience. That’s great news for all the gamers out there. Whether you’re playing casino games like Pai Gows, or multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress, there are plenty of people who would enjoy following your game. But of course, you need to put in some effort to get the viewers to tune in and stay watching.

Here are some tips on how to grow the live stream audience of your gaming channel:

  • SEO. It’s important to take the time a day before your stream to optimize your channel’s SEO to keywords from your upcoming video. This helps you rank higher in the search result.
  • Create high-quality content. There’s no way around this. If you want a large number of people watching you play any game, you need to become great at playing it.
  • Let your fans know about the upcoming video on social media. Make sure that your followers on Instagram and Facebook are aware of your YouTube channel and everything that’s happening there. Ask them to share the announcements.

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Promote Your Channel on Social Media

Just like you would announce your upcoming stream on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you should make a regular post to social media about your whole channel. If your business has a social media team, they should make a schedule for posting updates on upcoming videos. Promotions with effective visuals can create strong momentum for the release. So once the video is published, there will be thousands of viewers eagerly watching it.

Promote Your Channel on Social Media

Create Alternative Sources To Generate Brand Awareness

Look, optimizing your content to Google’s search results is a great source of traffic. However, this shouldn’t be your only source. If you want to become a Youtuber with consistent marketing success, it’s important to find more ways to generate brand awareness. YouTube offers you plenty of ways to connect with influencers in your niche. And these influencers can bring new customers into your sales funnel simply by recommending your products. This can often be a more powerful way to attract attention than ranking high on Google.

Make a Good Impression

Since YouTube videos are showing up on Google’s search results, it only makes sense for any company to start producing video content. Because here’s the thing: if people are searching for your brand from Google, they are already thinking about buying from you. So whatever search results come up will either make them purchase your products or look for something else. And there’s no better way to attract new clients than informative videos with rich visuals.

What’s more, you can then continue with the keyword research. Just write your brand name in your keyword research software and organize the queries into a video publishing schedule. This way, your videos will be targeting the key phrases people search about your brand.


So are you ready to get to work on your YouTube channel? Use the tips from this article to come up with a new marketing strategy for your brand. Make YouTube a central part of your marketing efforts and reach a global audience of millions. It’s your business, and it deserves to grow.

How is your YouTube channel doing? Did you get enough ideas from this article to try boosting your business via YouTube? Leave the comments below.

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