Top Elements to Consider while Developing a Robust Mobile App

Top Elements to Consider while Developing a Robust Mobile App

A customized mobile app has become a compelling necessity for modern businesses. The reason is simple- people keep on spending more time on their smartphones. You can build an app to reach a huge audience with ease. Whether you own a startup or an established enterprise, you can certainly increase visibility and productivity by bringing a customized app.

An App Annie study has found that the Apple and Google Play Store had over 220 billion downloads in the year 2019. As this number keeps on increasing every year, companies want to make the most of mobility through robust mobile apps. Here is the mobile app development company’s perspective in considering the top elements to build an app for your business.

Let’s go through such important factors from scratch. We will start our list with market research.

Research and Research

Proper market research is essential to come up with a robust mobile app. You can understand the market trends. The market research also enables you to get an idea of multiple aspects like user expectations, challenges, competition scenario, and feature requirements. You can identify the target audience and find out what your competitors’ app is missing.

Simply put, the market research in the right way will help you make a proper strategy that ultimately results in a successful app. It is also advisable to consult a reputed Android or iOS app development company and ask other entrepreneurs who have already released apps.

Budget and Cost Estimation

This is a very important consideration. The mobile app development cost depends on various factors like app complexity, features, and even platforms. For example, Android apps are costlier than their iOS counterparts. It is because these apps undergo a longer testing procedure across many devices. If you own a startup, you may have budgetary limitations. In such a scenario, you can hire mobile app developers from countries like India and the Phillippines to save more bucks.

Cost estimation can help you remain in a fixed budget. Usually, the mobile app development cost ranges from $5000 to $50000. The app development company needs a clear roadmap to give you a proper cost estimation so that you can build an app at the right price.

Features and Functionality

App features and functionality are also highly important factors to consider for developing an enterprise-grade app. Complex features are costly to integrate whereas simple or basic features are not so costly. Let’s take the example of native and hybrid apps. Native apps have desired features and excellent functionality, but here, you need to pay high mobile app development costs. Hybrid apps are relatively cheap with the same features, but you may compromise on functionality.

If there are budget constraints, entrepreneurs can opt for coming with basic features at the initial level, and integrate other features in the subsequent app versions.

Platform and Target Audience

As mentioned above, the app development platform is also a key factor to decide the app development cost. Here, native and hybrid apps should be also taken into consideration. If you have a target audience in Asian and African countries, you can come up with an Android app initially, but if you have an audience in the USA or the UK and Canada, it is better to bring an iOS app first. If budget permits, it is always better to develop an app for both major platforms. You can take advice from the top app development companies regarding the target audience and the necessary app platform.

App Marketing and ROI

App promotion or App Store Optimization (ASO) is an additional but necessary expense. The app development cost does not include the app marketing cost, but as your app gets ready to launch, you should start campaigning to spread awareness and promote your app. You can also share your app with friends, relatives, and employees. These early users can give you valuable feedback and you can improve your app accordingly.

It is necessary to keep in mind that you can find several apps similar to your app in the app stores, and therefore, you should take enough care for its features and functionality. Here also, if you have adequate knowledge of the competitor’s app, you can introduce unique features to make your app more popular than other apps. Altogether, you need to think of Return on Investment (ROI) you can get from the business mobile app. A robust and reliable app can help you get high ROI over the period and enable you to grow your sales.

With these factors, it is better to take care of UI and UX to get a competitive edge over peers. It is fair to mention that it may seem easy to make an app for your business, but you need to put many efforts to build a user-friendly app. It is always advisable to hire a reputed mobile app development company to get an enterprise-grade app with desired features.

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