Top 6 Synthetic Vape Juice To Try

Top 6 Synthetic Vape Juice To Try In 2022

Vaping seems like a terrific means of nicotine delivery. It is a clean and highly beneficial way to satisfy your nicotine craving. Many people have adopted vaping as a means of relaxation since it is pretty easy to use.

Vaping technology is gradually evolving in terms of vaping gadgets and vape juices. Synthetic vape juices or simply TFN vape juice¬†are vapers’ new rage.

While synthetic nicotine is relatively new, it is much adored among vapers.

Unlike tobacco-based nicotine, synthetic variants free from external impurities are accustomed to the purification process. In simple terms, synthetic tobacco is chemically prepared in a controlled environment to have fewer chances of contamination.

If you still haven’t tried synthetic vape juice or have yet to discover your favorite, here is a comprehensive list of the top six synthetic juice to try in 2022.

1. I love Salts Tobacco-free Nicotine Disposables

Tobacco-free nicotine offers a huge advantage and is a gamechanger for the vape industry. Many big brands are jumping on the fray and introducing product lines to woo customers. I love salt TFN vape juice is probably one of the best on the market.

Their disposable vape devices are travel-friendly, powered with vape juice to offer 2200 puffs. The bold tobacco flavors paired with subtle notes of fruity sweetness are something all vape lovers would cherish. The typical 50mg synthetic nicotine salt strength will offer you a smooth draw and purer flavor till the last drag.  To experience it, you must dive into the world of mouth-watering flavors embracing unique combinations such as juicy apples, fresh grapes, and tangy blueberries.

2. NicTech

If you are a vaping innovator, trailblazing your path to nirvana, nictech is what you should go for. Nictech gives you the liberty to customize your synthetic vape juice with flavors you like. Isn’t that a dream come true? You can pick up to three flavors and perfect them to make your blend. Not just that, you can also choose nicotine level and VG/PG ratio to tailor-make it into your masterpiece.


3. Pachamama Synthetic Vape Juices

Pachamama E-Liquids manufactured by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a brand name recognized for its tropical and fruity collection. They are undoubtedly the most desirable fruits flavors blended into an eclectic trio of juices.

Their synthetic vape juices are remarkably refreshing. Each vape juice variant combines luscious fruit flavor expelling unbelievably clean and authentic taste. Their out-of-the-box combinations have made them a favorite among users. It is not just the taste; the manufacturers are particular about adding high-quality ingredients.

Explore any of their flavors, and you will never want to go back.  

Pachamama Synthetic Vape Juices

4. Air factory

In terms of flavor, Air Factory is unmatchable. It offers a wide variety of delicious flavors that are truly astounding and unique. If you are looking for a tropical flavor adventure, Aloha strawberry or peach passion will blow your mind. On the contrary, if you want to relive the dessert snacking moment of your childhood, Kookie crunch will take you down the memory lanes. Even with simple flavors like cool mint, you will find their blend wonderful.

5. RipeVape

No list of synthetic vape juices would be complete without mentioning the deft blend of sweet and sour flavors from Ripevape. As a company, Ripevape has made its reputation on the brilliance of their hot-selling e-liquid flavor VCT. Short for Vanilla Custard Tobacco.  It offers hints of creamy vanilla custard flavor with savory notes tobacco base you must simply experience to believe.

Ripevape went ahead and glided their popular range into a nicotine-free vape juice range. You can now find a full range of VCT that includes a classic VCT base with a blend of other flavors for boosted effect. Something as unique as VCT coconut flavor is on their menu, and you surely would not want to miss that punch of coconut in your vanilla-tasting vape juice.  

6. Reds Apple eJuice TFN Juice

The last one on the list is for all nicotine salt lovers. Recently Reds Apple eJuice started using synthetic nicotine in their vape juice and nicotine salts line up. Their apple juice flavor is as it is a cult classic. Now you can find their old apple flavor synthetic nicotine form. With an extra nicotine kick, it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Ensure to have thorough research before settling for a specific vape juice. E-juice affects your overall vaping experience, so put some effort into selecting something that will serve you well.

Premium vape juice is a good choice if you don’t mind the extra cost. Avoid cheap vape juice brands, as they might ruin your entire vaping experience in the long run. Thankfully, synthetic vape juices are your answer to impurities.

At last, always stay with trusted brands that use food-grade materials for their product.


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