Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Cake PHP Developers

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Cake PHP Developers

When it comes to a server-side scripting language for your website, you have a few options in hand like PHP, python, rails, etc. However, each one of those has it’s own advantages and disadvantages based on the type of web application you want to build. Now, if you are someone who wants to build a highly attractive, functional, responsive website small scale or medium scale website then you might want to focus on Cake PHP as your server-side scripting language as it is not only one of the most used languages for web development, but also one of the best. 

There are few of you who might be conflicted about choosing PHP, but you need to consider the fact that PHP is everywhere, almost 35 percent of websites on the internet use PHP in form or another, PHP is easy to learn, etc. However, one of the big advantages of using PHP is that it has a huge community, which provides great support to the language and you as a business can easily find a PHP developer. But if you are looking for very fast development options then you can opt for cake php development services. Cake PHP is a PHP based framework that will definitely speed up your web development process. 

But if you are a Cake PHP developer looking for tips and tricks to refine your work we are going to discuss the top 5 tips and tricks for Cake PHP developers. 

Page Building Without Models 

Now we all are aware of two basic types of web pages, static web pages, and dynamic web pages. Most of the web development frameworks make it mandatory to associate a page with a model for it to work properly. However, that’s the case with Cake PHP, as it allows you to add static web pages to the website without defining any separate actions, or controllers for these pages. Now instead of defining the models, the Cake PHP web developer can directly define a view for a page in the page folder. This will help them call these static pages during the runtime. 

Avoid Save() Fails 

A common error that every PHP developer experiences is that sometimes the save() does not seem to work without any specific reason or error in the code. You can choose to state your code as far as you want, but the chances of you being able to find an error in your forms or data array are slim. Now, this is a common error with Cake PHP that almost every developer encounters, and the reason for it is that your save validation fails, and the model is unable to update. Now it is very difficult to debug this error and if you face similar issues we recommend you check out your saving () method. 


There are chances when you make changes to your tables, but the framework does seem to update them. Now, this is possible due to the cache memory, which allows your framework to work faster but creates this weird bug. If you face a similar issue like this then we recommend that you delete all your cache in your tmp/cache file. 

Requesting Basic Information About Table 

Now if you want to know basic information or overview of your table then we recommend that you check out this command that helps you do so- 


This makes your tasks easier and quicker, saving hell a lot of time. 

Build Your Forms Faster 

There are a many of ways you can build your forms, one is to write down the whole code for the form or use these simple commands. 

  • form->create();
  • form->inputs();
  • form->end();

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