Top 5 Security Risks in the Modern World

Top 5 Security Risks in the Modern World

Over 80 percent of people¬†are¬†worried about their privacy and security. Whether it’s worrying about online privacy or real-world safety, people are becoming more and more concerned.

If you are one who is feeling the stress over security, there is something you can do. 

Arming yourself with the knowledge of the most common security risks can help you learn how to avoid them. 

Here are 5 of the top security risks in the modern world that you need to know about. 

1. Cybersecurity

In our increasingly digitized world, it is no surprise that cybersecurity risks are one of the most serious security risks to a company. It has become so important, the global market is expected to spend  on beefing up its cybersecurity measures before 2022. 

Hacks, ransomware attacks, and IoT attacks are on the rise globally and are only expected to keep getting more frequent. 

2. Identity Theft

Identity theft affects roughly about 5 percent of Americans every year and can cause significant financial damage. It was estimated to cause nearly  in 2019. 

Protecting your personal information online is critical, as is keeping personal account numbers and identifying information like social security numbers secure. 

3. Failure to Provide a Safe Working Environment

It’s not just the online security risks you need to be aware of. Physical security risks remain just as credible as ever. 

Examples of failing to provide a safe working environment include lack of proper lighting, failing to hire on-site security, not fixing trip hazards quickly, and much more. 

If your employer fails to provide a safe working environment for you, you could potentially hire a negligent security attorney

4. Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is the art of manipulating someone in order to get something you want, in this case maliciously. People use social engineering tricks to let your guard down and trick you into giving them personal information or security access. 

Always be cautious when someone you don’t know seems to be prying or too interested in getting information out of you. 

5. Tailgating into Buildings

Another physical security risk you have to be on the watch out for is tailgating. And no, not the type of tailgating that comes with football season. 

Tailgating is when someone who is not authorized or has the appropriate clearance to enter a building or area follows someone in from behind. Never hold open a door for someone without proper clearance. 

Looking to Learn More About Security Risks and Safety Tips?

As a small business owner or as an employee, it is critical to know and understand the major security risks you may encounter. Some risks are inherent, but some security risks are the responsibility of a business owner.

Knowing when to hire an attorney if you have been the victim of some sort of attack related to security is crucial. If you want to learn more about security breaches, safety tips, and more, be sure to follow along for more security-related articles. 

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