Top 5 HR Trends 2022 You Can Leverage With HRMS Software

Top 5 HR Trends 2022 You Can Leverage With HRMS Software!

What a rollercoaster ride the past couple of years has been for HR Managers. The on and off lockdowns, managing remote and hybrid workforce, vaccination drives, and whatnot! But technology has proved to be a loyal friend in these troubled times. HRMS software has been one such loyal friend. This software has helped employers stay connected with employees and helped them stay engaged no matter comes what!

“A report by McKinsey says that COVID has accelerated adoption of technology by 3-4 years than regular adoption rate.”

These turbulent waters make it necessary for HR Managers to stay up to date with the latest HR Trends to stay prompt and never feel stuck.

But before we commence on our HR trends 2022, let’s brush up a little on HRMS Software.

HRMS Meaning

HRMS, or Human Resource Management System, is a suite of software programs used for managing human resources and related processes for the entire employee lifecycle. Additionally, an HRMS allows a company to see workforce trends and fully understand its workforce while staying compliant with the ever-changing laws and regulations.

Automation, fewer errors, and employee trends combined lead to savings and employee satisfaction which is why HRMS is one of the best solutions to modern HR problems.

5 HR Trends 2022 You Can Jack With HRMS Software

1: Hybrid Work Model

“A vast chunk of HR leaders, about 95%, feel that some of their employees will work remotely even after the pandemic, says Gartner.”

The hybrid work model is one trend that is here to stay. The hybrid work model has proven to be more productive than in-office for many employees.

And when things are coming back on track, we can still expect a few employees to work remotely, some more in a hybrid model and others in the office.

How HRMS Software Leverages It

  • Geofence and geomarking technologies help mark attendance.
  • A powerful HRMS Software like HROne ensures engagement through 1-1 meetings, regular feedback, etc.
  • Takes care of employee health through moodbots and wellness surveys.

2: More Skills Are Needed, And New Ones Are Replacing Old Ones

“The number of skills required for a single job is increasing at 6.3% annually. Also, 29% of skills present in a job posting in 2018 will become obsolete by 2022, says Gartner.”

And skills most in demand are power skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, work ethics, etc. HRs are looking for candidates with these qualities and wish to train them further.

How HRMS Software Leverages It

  • It helps post on various job portals and networks to find candidates with the ideal skills.
  • Once recruitment is done, it helps you by providing training through the customised learning and training module.

3: Worsening Workforce Health

No matter what the pandemic threw at us, the employee performance was usually high. But not being prepared for hybrid workforce management, the pandemic has taken a toll on the overall workforce health—employee health, trust between employees, team and leadership spirit, and the work environment.

Only appropriate handling of the hybrid workforce can ensure this doesn’t worsen further.

How HRMS Software Leverages It

  • Regularising work-life balance by monitoring the sign in and out punches and raw punches for breaks.
  • Promoting more team activities and events.
  • Promoting peer to peer rewards system etc.

4: Employees Want to Be Heard, Valued, And Understood

Another raging 2022 HR trend is that employees want to feel valued. And this starts with the employee value proposition. It should be more employee-centric.

Starting from recruitment, the employer can be more engaged with the candidates. Following it, a standardised onboarding process can turn things in favour of the employees. Lastly, a well-structured employee engagement policy can do wonders and make the employee feel valued.

How HRMS Software Leverages It

  • Employers can schedule 1-1 meetings whenever necessary during the employee lifecycle.
  • Keep in touch with the messaging service, which is also available on the mobile app.
  • Engagement tools like Pulse surveys and HR Walls can also serve the purpose.

5: It Will Be The Age Of DEI

There is mounting pressure on HRs to implement DEI or Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in their organisations. All stakeholders, internal and external, now want more DEI in the workplace.

How HRMS Software Leverages It

  • A help and support hotline through the ticketing system can be implemented through the most powerful HRMS, HROne.

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