Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World 2020

Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World 2020

Do you know about the UN’s list of happiest countries in the world? Travelers need to know about the nations who are happy and deserved to be visited in 2020. Here is a list of the top happiest countries in the world and what can you explore there. I’m writing this blog by the common and specific experiences of the traveler community. Along with this, I’m packing for Morocco Holidays and suggest the traveler’s community about the wonderland of Morocco to visit. Coming back to the topic, here is a complete list of top best Happiest countries in the world to visit in 2020.

Top Best Happiest Countries to Visit in 2020

Happiness is now measurable, The United Nations has come up with the list of happiest countries in the world to ease you choose your next destination for upcoming Holiday Break. Here you go.

Finland Welcomes you with Delights

Finland is ranked first in the list of happiest countries in the world. This destination can be in your bucket list in your 2020 holiday break. Finland is a Nordic country and I’m obsessed with the beauties of Europe. Travelers Choose to visit places such as Finland and neighboring countries. In Finland, you can visit Santa Claus Village, the most central tourist attraction in the country.

Market Square is also the place you need to visit when in Finland. The Snow Castle of Kemi, Yllas, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts are the finest places to visit in the country of many wonders. Embrace the beauty of the country. As Finland is amongst the top countries in the world who are happy, explore the exciting and interesting facts in the country by Spending your beautiful upcoming Holiday Break there.

Denmark – The Second Happiest Country

Visit the second-ranked country, Denmark in the list of the Happiest countries in the world. You will feel the difference between Denmark and the rest of the world. Visit Nyhavn, the most colorful and lively destination in Denmark. I enjoyed the boat ride there and had captured the beautiful moments in my camera. Also, visit Rosenborg Castle, which is a worth visiting place.

Visit Stroget and shop there strolling in the marbled street – This Market is made to attract travelers so it is worth visiting and shopping there. Copenhagen Zoo is there to serve your purpose of exciting Holidays – Especially if you are with your family, visiting Zoo will double the thrills because the Zoo has many species that your kids will like.

Norway Stands Third in Happy List

Norway is the third happiest country in the world and welcomes travelers with delights and charms. It embraces your visit with the opportunities to spend your golden time in the country. If you intend to visit Norway in 2020, you may add Pulpit Rock to get the best overviews of the town from the height. This is so glamorous experience of being in Norway.

Also visit Lofoten, the beautiful destination to visit. Viking Ship Museum is also worth your visit. Akershus Fortress, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Munch Museum, and Tusen Fryd are the must-visit Destinations in Morway. Also, Don’t miss to visit the Atlantic Sea Park. Norway would host you with hundreds of delicious dishes as it is famous for its tasty traditional dishes in the world. You are at the world’s most amazing destination in the world.

Iceland – Forth in the Happy Land

Iceland comes in fourth place in the list of happiest countries in the world and all braced to host you a very thrilling holiday break 2020. An Iceland is famous for its natural beauties so first of all, add Blue Lagoon a very glamorous destination in your bucket list of destinations to visit in Iceland.

Are you obsessed with natural beauties? Also, add Thingvellir National Park in your list of places to visit. Visit Skatafell, the most beautiful and visited destination in Iceland. Don’t miss to visit Perlan, and Eyjafjallajokull, these are the most natural and beautiful destinations in Iceland. The traveler community is advised to please keep your Holiday experience the most environment-friendly visit in the land of Iceland. Respect nature and don’t hurt it by your acts.

Netherlands – Fifth Most Happiest Country

The Netherlands stands fifth in the list of happiest countries in the world and awaits your visit with hundreds of thrilling activities in the land. Visit Van Gogh Museum first to glare at some historical glimpses of the destination. Do you know about Anne Frank? She was the most influential and famous girl in old times and considered the bravest girl to speak out against the Nazis. She was from the Netherlands. Her house is now a Museum, you should visit her house to take the pics for your Instagram.

Also visit Jordaan, and Rijks Museum when in the Netherlands. The country has lots of other places and things to do. Gather the delights and happy moments being in the Netherlands on your this Holiday break 2020.

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