Top 4 Different Styles Of Men’s Underwear

Top 4 Different Styles Of Men’s Underwear

For a long time, the sophisticated nuances of nightwear and underwear were limited to women’s lingerie, but that has changed. Believe it or not, today, there are just as many variations to the men’s underwear (including men’s lingerie) segment.

So this is not an attempt to replicate women’s fashion and style. Instead, this allowed the men to embrace the versatility and comfort of various materials, which were limited to women’s garments. As such, just a glance at the men’s underwear market will tell you how the intimate market for men is adapting to this change. 

So, if you are looking for the right undergarment for yourself or your male partner, then first know the types. And here they are: 

1. Boxer Briefs and Shorts

The ever-enduring popular style of men’s underwear is also known as briefs plus. Besides that, boxer shorts are also another popular type of men’s underwear. Meanwhile, boxer shorts existed much before the briefs and first came to the market in the 1920s.

2. Briefs

Nothing is probably as popular as the men’s brief when it comes to men’s underwear. These are the types of underwear you see in the photoshoot of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Justin Bieber. And these come in various cuts, such as high-rise, low, and medium. 

The briefs are the perfect garments to cover up the essentials while exposing the thighs and the sides for better movement. And without too much tight-fitting or any excess fabric, it leaves you cool and sweats free for longer. You can even wear other tight-fitted clothing with the briefs protecting your delicate parts. 

3. Jockstrap

The jockstrap is also known as an athletic supporter or a posing pouch, and you may also refer to them as simply jock. The purpose of this undergarment is simply to protect and provide support to your front side. However, this piece of men’s lingerie has no fabric on the backside. Meanwhile, initially, this undergarment was invented in 1874 to provide support for the regular bicycle delivery men.

When you wear a jockstrap, it lifts up your package and holds it away from the body. This way, your package stays more relaxed and away from heavy impact. And that is why they are popular underwear in sports, like cricket, boxing, hockey, football, etc.  

4. Thong

Thongs belong to the same group of lingerie as the G-string and the jockstrap. In fact, all of these are designed to enhance your package aesthetically. However, the jockstrap does have some purpose in protection, especially during heavy body contact sports. 

The thongs are designed on the same principle, and hence a pouch, a waistband, and two strings to hold all of it together. Meanwhile, the primary purpose of the thong is comfort and support, so you can have the feel of going semi-commando. 

This underwear type is usually made of breathable cotton material with an elastane mix, while the enhanced comfort of the pouch is unparalleled. Also, the semi-commando design of the thong is easy on your hips with nothing but a narrow strip to hold everything up. 

There are many types of popular men’s underwear today that provide the proper comfort and support. Other than that, the various designs also allow men to enjoy the feel of different materials and look stylish as well. So whether it is about going to the beach or simply chilling by the pool, men no longer have to carry the same old boring shorts. You, too, can have fun with your underwear style and impress the onlookers. So simply choose from the above-mentioned few types. Meanwhile, you can also look around for other variations if you like, but these four are definitely the most popular ones. 

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