Tips to Choose Right Curtains and Drapes for Windows

Tips to Choose Right Curtains and Drapes for Windows

Are you done with fixing your home interiors? What more do you think is missing out? When people think about getting home interiors, their primary focus is on the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. But there is a lot of focus required on small details like the curtains, drapes, flooring, and more. If you have been thinking that window treatments are separate from home interiors, you are not collaborating with the right people.

Trusted interior designers in Bangalore consider window treatments as a huge and essential part of home interior. Bangalore is a vast city with a mixed population of people having different spending capabilities. People who can afford a lavish and extraordinary lifestyle will spend thousands of rupees buying furniture and curtains for their homes. However, someone with marginal spending capacity will think twice before purchasing anything.

When it comes to choosing decoratives, curtains or furniture for a home, individuals can find it challenging to decide. Therefore, people appoint interior designers who can put their knowledge to work and suggest what would look best in your space. Now that you are done with most parts of your home interior and wondering how to choose suitable drapes and curtains for your home, you’ll find the below-mentioned details helpful.

How are curtains different from drapes?

The standard window treatment products that you get are curtains, shades, drapes, and blinds. It can be confusing for you to choose one until you know how they are distinct from one another. Drapes are made of thick and stiff material used for covering windows and blocking any exterior light. On the contrary, curtains are made of soft fabrics to add more privacy. Curtains might not necessarily block light. It depends on the thickness of the materials and colour you choose.

Which fabric is good?

When you choose a drape or a curtain, you should emphasise the type of material you choose. The fabrics you get as options are custom, velvet, sheer lace and many more. The most important factor to think about is how much natural light you want in your room. And the other is the theme and vibe you want to set. Suppose you want to create a fresh and breezy vibe; you should choose lightweight curtains.

Which colour of curtains or drapes will look good?

The colour choice of the curtains can either enhance the look or turn it into a disaster. Observe your house, and keep the colour of the furniture and walls in mind while selecting the colour of your curtains.The drape colour must compliment the colour of your walls. And when picking curtains, choose a curtain.

These are some basic ideas that you can discuss with an interior designer. Other than this, there are so many other little things that only a professional can suggest after analysing your space. An expert will surprise you with designs that are way beyond your imagination. So, get a rough idea of what you want from your home, and let a professional add their expertise to transform your space into a beautiful home. You can start searching for affordable interior designers in the city who have worked with clients like you before.

There are ample options in drapes and curtains for you to choose from. Seek advice from your interior decorator and create a space that you can call your own.

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