Tips for Promoting Your Business On Instagram

Tips for Promoting Your Business On Instagram

The number of Instagram users in the United States is estimated to be 115 million, and it’s expected to increase to over 127 million by 2023. This makes Instagram a powerful marketing tool that you can use to promote your business.

Instagram uses visuals such as photos and videos, which are an excellent way to influence your audience to make a purchase decision. The tips below will help you to effectively promote your business on Instagram. .

1. Hire a social media manager

You may have a huge Instagram following but lack the knowledge or time to effectively promote your brand. A social media manager will offer Instagram growth service and management by running your account and creating a suitable marketing strategy. They will come up with engaging posts and post when your target audience is most active. A social media manager knows when best to put up posts, which allows for content to reach the right target audience on time, ensuring that their marketing efforts and resources don’t go to waste.

2. Know your target audience

For any business marketing efforts to bear fruits, you should know who your target audience is. This way, you can create content that appeals to them and encourages them to make a purchase.  To identify your target audience, carry out demographic research to determine their age, gender, geographical location, the brands they follow, and where they hang out.

Create a customer persona and analyze their needs and how to provide solutions that appeal to them. Identifying your target audience helps you aim your promotional posts to the right people.

3. Ensure you have real followers

The main reason you’re promoting your local business is to improve brand visibility, generate leads and drive sales. It only makes sense to ensure that you’re marketing to real people. Thanks to technology, there are tools like Fake Follower Checker that you can use to confirm if a follower is fake or not. It would also help if you make it your mission to get authentic followers before you start promoting your business on Instagram.

4. Embrace influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves a collaboration between a brand and a person of influence who has gained people’s trust and loyalty over the years. Research has shown that 45.4% of followers tried something recommended by an influencer, while 26.9% purchased after seeing the promotional post. Influencers have vast numbers of loyal followers, and businesses can take advantage of this by allowing the influencers to promote their businesses.

5. Engage with your followers and hold contests

Interacting with your Instagram followers through comments, direct messages, tags, and likes is a great way to get feedback on the services or products you’re promoting. The feedback you get should help you tailor the product or service to their preference.

In addition, you can hold contests where you engage your followers to participate in an activity where the winners walk away with prizes. For example, you can post a business photo and ask your followers if they can have their followers like the photo, then the one with the most likes gets to win. This helps to boost brand reach and increase leads.

6. Cross-promote your Instagram posts

Having a vast Instagram following shouldn’t limit you from posting on other social platforms. Market your promotional posts on your other social media accounts to ensure that you reach a broad audience. Consider attaching a link to each post where prospective clients can check out your Instagram account.


Instagram is a great social platform that you can use to promote your business and reach a broad audience. These tips will help you to promote your business on Instagram effectively.

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