Email marketing has come a long way. It is one of the best marketing methods to generate leads to boost revenues. However, it is also associated with some challenges. To run an email marketing campaign, you need to analyse the type of content you would send in, the duration and above all the timeline so that maximum recipients click the newsletter to read, but this will not be enough to make your campaign successful.

One thing that often falls through the cracks is a subject line. It acts as a catalyst for opening the newsletter. If your subject line is not catchy enough, the outcome of the email campaign will be very disappointing, no matter how effective the strategy you created to run the campaign.

Of course, you need to send in emails when your target audience is free so that they can pay heed to it, but to spur them on to click the email, the subject line must be catchy. If it is persuasive, a higher number of people should click it. Otherwise, people will unsubscribe and mark your messages as spam. Here is how you should create a catchy subject line for your email campaigns.

Appeal to instant gratification

Whether your email is about weight loss, saving money for retirement or features of loans for bad credit no guarantor direct lender, everybody knows that there are no magic pills. However, the idea of instant gratification still works. Here you need to play with the psychology of the users. There is psychological discomfort, and people want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

More than 60% of recipients do not open the email or mark the email as spam because of a poor subject line. You need to understand the behavior of your audience to create a catchy subject line. There is a fine line between an effective and a spammy subject line.

Here are some of the examples of subject lines for instant gratification:

  • If you have been selling beauty products, the best example of a catchy subject line can be “5 beauty hacks for instant fairness”.
  • Similarly, if you have been dealing with financial products, a persuasive subject line can be “Tips to get rid of debt in 24 hours”.

Take advantage of Fear of missing out (FOMO)

FOMO is a psychological phenomenon that compels you to do something due to the fear of missing out on information. Not all subject lines can appeal to instant gratification. Sometimes, it is the demand for the type of content you are going to send in through emails. However, FOMO responses are quicker to drive more results through an email campaign as no one wants to be left due to their one wrong action.

Here are some of the examples of subject lines to generate a FOMO

  • If you have been running an ecommerce store, you can create a subject line – “Hey, last day for 20% off on Product X.”
  • On the birthday of your subscriber, you can create a subject line – “Happy B’day Sam – surprise inside”.

Tantalise the strings of curiosity

Another way to make sure that most of your recipients will open your email is by creating a subject line that creates curiosity. Know what makes your audience curious. You will need to create imaginary subject lines that will push your target audience to open the email to read it. Remember that these subject lines do not make it clear what is inside. It puts people in a dilemma until they read the email.

Here are the examples to understand the curious subject lines

  • For digital marketing, the best subject line to make users curious about the newsletter can be “A magic pill to grow your business during COVID19”. Users will get to know about that magic pill.
  • If you are a financial advisor, you can create a subject line like “What happened when Sam failed to get a consolidated loan?” People will be curious to know about he handled his debt.

Pain point subject lines

Another best way to create a catchy subject line is to understand the pain points of your users. Try to step into the shoes of your users and brainstorm what they want to know. Here are the examples of pain point subject lines:

  • How to make money quickly
  • Tips to keep up with debt repayments
  • What is the best time to take out 15 minute loans direct lender?

The bottom line

If you want to convert your prospects in clients with email marketing, you will have to focus on creating a subject line. However, you will have to understand the behavior and needs of your target audience. If you do not know how to start, you can take help from a marketing expert.