Therapy Chatbots The Therapist is Here and It’s an App

Therapy Chatbots: The Therapist is Here and It’s an App!

A long time ago, I learned the wisest thing to do which is to be on my own side. We humans can sometimes be very hard on ourselves. THE REASON? Well, it might be because of not being able to fulfil what we decided or whatsoever!

While you go through a lot, every individual needs to understand the fact that nobody’s perfect. There are no failures if you’ve learned and grown from your mistakes. THERE ARE ONLY LESSONS LEARNED!

This piece of advice is soothing, right? The point here is, who doesn’t need therapy? We all go through difficult times in our lives that can block our mind. Therefore, seeking good advice can really help in getting over these blocks and moving ahead.

Sure, therapists can help you do so, but what about the times when you cannot visit one?

The spread of deadly virus locked us all in, which is making people anxious. Notably, the psychological toll has also risen while the ongoing pandemic; thus, visiting your preferable therapists has become difficult.

How about getting therapy at home while sitting on your comfortable couch? Don’t be so surprised! Do not forget it’s the modern era power-packed with technologies; therefore, anything’s possible.

Get Your Therapy by Chatbots

Chatbots are impacting the working mechanism of numerous sectors, including the psychology sector. Notably, many developers have the mindset that these tech tools cannot replace what human interaction can do.


Tried-and-Trusted Psychological Practices by Chatbots

One of the best things about chatbots is that the engineers can tweak them in a way they want them to respond. For instance, Woebot is one of the popular chatbots that utilizes cognitive behavioral theory, which aims to improve mental health by helping users manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

According to a study, a group of people interacted with Woebot 12 times in a time span of two weeks, and a few others read a self-help book. It was noticed that the group using Woebot had recovered at a good rate.

Interestingly, the Woebot studies also claim that chatbots can subside the same principles that the patients learn by visiting their therapists. So, isn’t it a great option considering that users won’t even have to book appointments before taking any therapy sessions?

Are you a therapist?

If that’s a yes, you might want to develop an app for your customers by integrating knowledge that you acquire. To do the same, a top-notch chatbot app development company can help you turn your vision into reality!

Additional Benefits of Therapy Chatbots

1. Encourages for Quick Treatment

Many people avoid visiting therapists due to the fear of being judged by people. Other times, individuals may assume that they are just going through heightened emotions, which is normal to happen, and thus, they don’t need to see a therapist.

For such cases, a chatbot named Wysa could help users at its best. Featuring a mood tracker, the chatbot can monitor whenever an individual is feeling upset or depressed. It prompts the users to take a depression test and encourages them to get treatment as soon as possible, depending upon the results.

2. Contributes to Diagnostic Success

You must have noticed speakers sharing their incidences to make the audience connect more. Similarly, psychologists must first check the patient’s history of events, ask questions, etc., to get to know the person in a better manner. Only then can a diagnosis process become efficient.

In many cases, practitioners still do not reach an accurate conclusion. In such a situation, analyzing patient’s social media content and research using AI can make the experience for users more personalized and productive.

The experts’ inaccurate conclusions might also be because of the patients being afraid of answering the right characteristics, which may show clear signs of illness. Thus, chatbots can be of great help here.

3. Available in the Absence of Professionals

One of the top advantages of going digital is the availability of information, even in the absence of professionals. There are not many mental health experts in rural areas. Nor do the people living in such regions care to drive to another town and visit an expert. Therefore, a chatbot can provide them with solutions to help and improve their mental health.

To Sum Up

Modern chatbots have very advanced functionality. The complete credit goes to AI and algorithms, making the user experience a whole lot better.

Though chatbots might not completely replace mental health experts in the near future; they sure can help patients and experts to a great extent.

This idea might have intrigued you a lot if you’re connected to the domain. So, why not develop an application that cures mental health?

Connect with a chatbot app development company and get more ideas about making an app more convenient for the users.


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