The Ultimate Disney Vacation 15 Must-See Attractions

The Ultimate Disney Vacation: 15 Must-See Attractions

Considering a Disney World vacation or Disney Land vacation? Wondering if it’s worth the trip and the cost? Odds are, it is. 

But to assure you, we’re going to discuss some of the absolute best attractions that Disney has to offer. Without further ado, here are 15 must-see Disney attractions for your Disney vacation. 

1. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a Disney icon and a must-ride for Disney vacationers of all ages. Existing at both Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and Anaheim’s Disneyland, it’s a water ride involving a steep drop down a, well, mountain. 

2. Happily Ever After Fireworks Show

You’ve probably seen fireworks a time or two. But, while they were probably pretty cool to look at, they likely don’t measure up to Disney’s fireworks. The Magical Kingdom Happily Ever After fireworks show is one of the best in the world and a must-see for all Orlando park visitors. 

3. Soarin’ 

If you’re spending some time at Epcot, you should definitely be sure to experience the Soarin’ ride. This is an IMAX ride that makes you feel as though you’re soaring through the sky, even though you’re sitting still in a chair. 

Soarin’ isn’t just cool for the kids but for the adults, the teens, and everyone else who rides it. 

4. Test Track 

If you’re looking for something a little faster, you should make sure to hit Test Track at Epcot. This is something of a miniature roller coaster in which riders sit together in a 6-person car. It’s characterized by quick, jerky bursts and a different flavor than most of the other rides you’ll encounter in Disney theme parks. 

5. The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a classic ride available at both Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim. While it was originally intended to be scary, the passing of time has changed things. Now, it’s just a relic of days gone by. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. It is, and it’s definitely a ride you should try during your Disney experience. 

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

Another classic ride that you should try while at Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a slow water ride that involves floating through different visual scenes. It’s characterized by mechanical pirates and harkens back to Disney’s early days. 

7. Kiliminjaro Safari

Do you like animals? If so, you have to take a trip on Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safari. This is an open-air safari ride that takes you through an African-inspired savanna.

On this ride, you’ll see tons of roaming animals, from giraffes to elephants to lions to wildebeests and more. It’s a fun trip for guests of all ages. 

8. The Boneyard

Another fun attraction at Animal Kingdom is the Boneyard. This is a faux archaeological spot for kids. It allows them to dig up fake dinosaur bones while climbing on and over various obstacles. 

9. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster

If roller coasters are your thing, and if you’re visiting Disney Hollywood Studios, you need to give Rock ‘n Roller Coaster a try. This fast-paced coaster takes you through all kinds of loops and turns, getting your adrenaline pumping like few other rides that Disney has to offer. 

10. Space Mountain

One of the Magic Kingdom’s flagship rides, Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster characterized by darkness, jerky turns, and tons of atmosphere. It’s a must-ride for everyone, from older kids to teenagers to adults. Note, though, that it can be a little scary for the younger set. 

11. Toy Story Midway Mania

Located at Disney Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure, Toy Story Midway Mania is a 4D first-person shooter game that requires riders to hit targets as they ride. It tallies up points throughout each session, allowing riders to compare their scores against one another. 

A highly interactive ride, this one is sure to be fun for the whole family. It’s designed to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 

12. It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World isn’t exactly the most exciting attraction to be found at Disney theme parks. Nonetheless, it’s got a lot of history behind it and is a cool thing to check out before you sell DVC points. Kids, in particular, tend to appreciate this attraction. 

13. The World Showcase 

Another cool Epcot attraction is the World Showcase. This features a collection of 11 pavilions, each of which is dedicated to a different country. Inside each pavilion, you can find the given country’s native cuisine as well as a variety of related gifts and knick-knacks. 

14. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

If you’re looking for a ride that will legitimately scare you, look no further than the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This is the tallest ride at any Disney theme park. Standing at 199 feet, it pulls riders up only to drop them quickly to the ground below. 

Yes, that’s as terrifying as it sounds like it is. But if you can stomach the feeling of falling, you’re almost sure to have a good time on this one. 

15. Harmonious

Replacing the long-lasting IllumiNations attraction, Harmonious is a laser light show at Epcot on a nightly basis. As visually appealing an exhibit as you’re ever going to come across, Harmonious is an adult-appropriate alternative to the Happily Ever After fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. 

Time to Plan Your Disney Vacation 

A Disney vacation is one of the most fun things you can do with your family. So, start planning your trip and, soon enough, you’ll be riding rides, meeting Disney characters, and having the time of your life with those closest to you. 

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