The Top Three Play School Myths that Parents Should Ignore

The growing popularity of playschools and preschools has created a new revolution in not just early education, but across the entire spectrum of the educational career of a child, because it is the first step in your child’s formal learning process.

Several myths have been circulated to undermine the proven benefits of playschools and in this blog, we will analyze said myths and prove why they don’t make any sense.

If you are a parent who is facing the dilemma of whether to enroll your child in a play school franchise in Delhi or not, read on as we debunk the most popular myths about playschools.

Myth #1: Parents Can Do Everything that Preschool Teachers Can

This is arguably the most popular myth doing the rounds and it claims that parents are equal to, if not better than, preschool teachers. However, the truth is very different. If you and your partner are working parents, you simply won’t have the time or the energy to engage in activities with your child.

Also, teachers of an international preschool franchise have years of experience in conducting several different types of classes that promote the cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. The biggest advantage of preschools is that children have one another to share their days with. This simply won’t be possible at home.

Myth #2: Children Don’t Learn Anything at Play schools

As playschools focus more on activity-based learning and very little on theory-based learning, many people have come to the conclusion that playschools offer little educational value to children. But it is a proven fact that playing games and singing songs can significantly develop a child’s brain along with its ability to understand languages and solve problems practically. Children also learn to learn from and share with peers in a structured setting, which promotes teamwork.

The preschool environment also teaches children to acknowledge and follow basic instructions, which can be immensely helpful in the future. This environment has added a new paradigm to children’s learning process and it is based on decades of studies.

Myth #3: Preschools are Expensive and Only Meant for High-Income Families

This is a myth considering that preschool fees are similar to early education fees across the board. The only consideration is that the cost of educating children has increased across the board, as has the general cost of living. The expenses may seem to have increased compared to what they were a few years ago, but it is a general increase. There are international preschool franchise chains that offer a high-quality learning environment for your child at reasonable costs.

Governments and NGOs are also doing their bit to ensure that preschool facilities can be afforded by masses. So it’s only a matter of time before preschools become the norm for early education.

Children who go into conventional academics from preschool environments are seen to be much sharper and much more capable of adapting to the changes than people from conventional pre-primary institutes.So, ignore these myths and find a quality play school franchise in Delhi for your child.

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