The Top Money Transfer App in the American and African Market

The Top Money Transfer App in the American and African Market

Money transfer platforms have been in play for a long time. They enable the transfer of money between people in different parts of the globe. The major downside was that they had links to the traditional banking system. Hence, accrued a large number of service fees and transactions took several days to complete successfully. The top money transfer app in the American and African markets today is the Afriex app.

Afriex Money Transfer App

In 2019, Tope Alabi and John Obirije gave rise to Afriex to take care of this issue. Unlike the previous money transfer platforms, Afriex provides instant, free crypto-powered remittance services to Africa from Europe and North America. This fintech has offices in the United States and Nigeria. A new technology referred to as Stablecoins has been rolled out for instant global payments. Stablecoins is a cryptocurrency with the backing of a national currency. The app uses USD Coin. Real dollars back this up. Moreover, they are regularly audited by a top-notch accounting firm based in the United States.

The application provides a wide range of services, some of which include:

  • Cash deposits
  • Crypto
  • Sending money from a bank account
  • Money to a bank account
  • Sending money by debit card
  • USDC

You will first need to download and install the Afriex money transfer app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. After signing up, select the currency you want to transmit. Thereafter, you can select the flag of the destination country, input the amount you wish to transact, and finally hit send. The app comes with a free multi-currency AFRIEX e-wallet therefore you can easily send money to your relatives back home. The money transfer app currently boasts a whopping $4 billion dollars in supply and 1 USDC is equivalent to 1 US Dollar.

Below are some of the reasons that make Afriek a top money transfer app in the American and African Market.

It Allows For Quick and Easy Transactions

It Allows For Quick and Easy Transactions

Imagine having to wait for 3 to 4 business days just to acquire money to purchase that dress you have been eyeing at your local store. Pretty unnerving, right? Well, with the Afriex money transfer app you can say bye-bye to those long waiting periods associated with the traditional banking systems. Around 90% percent of all your transactions will reflect in your account in less than a minute. And that’s not all. The currency goes straight to the bank account. Or directly to your Afriex wallet if you are a registered user. Easy peasy.

Bitcoin transactions on the other hand can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

You Can Send Up To a Maximum of $3000 per Day

Afriex allows you to send and receive money from as little as $5 to a maximum of $3000 per day. So, whether it’s buying an iced vanilla latte or working on constructing your dream home back in the suburbs, you can easily send and receive large amounts of money daily easily and efficiently.

It Is Very Pocket Friendly

The app provides instant and free crypto-powered remittance services to Africa from Europe and the US. This means you won’t accrue additional service fees when performing your transactions. It also only offers the lowest exchange rates thus ensuring the users do not strain financially.

It Is Very Secure

It Is Very Secure

Afriex is a registered company. Therefore, all personal data, including your login credentials, go through encryption. Thus, ensuring your overall security. It is also PCI DSS Compliant in accordance with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

It Has a Wide Geographical Coverage

Afriex allows you to send money from the United States of America and Canada to Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. With this app in your arsenal, you can easily save, send and access a wide array of goods and services conveniently without having to fish for petty cash. Early this year, Afriex raised $1.2 million in seed money that will promote the scaling of its remittance platform across the wider African markets.

After a successful transaction, an email comes to you. Therefore, you can easily keep up with all your transactions on the app. In cases where you want a refund, you can send an email or call the support desk. Nonetheless, this is only before the transaction is successfully complete. Moreover, a refund takes between 1 to 3 business days to be fully completed. The support community is also actively present and diligent when it comes to helping their users hence providing excellent customer service. Are you downloading the Afriex money transfer app yet?

Final Thoughts

The current surge in the Covid-19 pandemic has seen more people embrace mobile banking. And with the continuous advancement in technology, physical cash might end up being rendered obsolete soon. Mobile banking is a fast, secure, and efficient mode of transaction that helps you save, send and receive money, transmit cryptocurrency as well as purchase goods and services. Afriex has an easy-to-use interface with a plethora of tools that will make your transactions easy and seamless. It is widely used in Africa, especially Nigeria. In fact, pretty soon, it will become a household name in the African continent.

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