The Popular Men's Underwear Types

The Popular Men’s Underwear Types

You could find different types of underwear online and in stores, but have you ever thought about what will fit you the best? You could wear the same undies without knowing the feel or comfort of wearing another style. Most men never try a different category of undies their whole life, which is disappointing. But don’t worry. When you finish reading this article, you will know which type to pick the next time you see a men’s underwear store in Sydney.

Australians look for fashion in everything, even in underwear. There are about 489,000 people actively employed in the Australian fashion industry, and 376,000 (77%) are women. And the percentage of women in the men to women ratio in the fashion industry is more than that of education (72% women).

Men’s underwear can be classified into four major types. They are:

  • Boxers
  • Boxer briefs
  • Trunks
  • Briefs

These are the prominent types in the market, and you try one next time. Now, let’s see what these types of underwear are and how they change how you look and feel.

Now, let’s see how these underwear look and feel while you wear them.


This one gives you enough breathability. These are usually loose-fitting and offer little to no support. This type of underwear is perfect for those who want to feel relaxed and require minimum support for your groin region.

Boxer briefs

Well, as the name indicates, it’s a mix of a boxer and a brief. This one gives you a relaxed feel but enough support to the waist and groin. The design resembles a right-fit boxer with a snug. And if you are in good shape, you can wear this while involved in physical/outdoor activities.


This one is a popular type in the market. Many think it is popular because it looks both brief and boxer brief. Also, it is a boxer brief with short legs. The underwear is square (in shape) and would be a good choice for beachwear (if the fabric material is suitable). So the next time you visit a men’s underwear store in Sydney, get a pair of trunks and try it out.

Sydney is the fashion hub of Australia. There are several events related to fashion going on in the city. The next big event in Sydney will be Fashion Week on October 10th.

With time, the fashion industry is changing, and you can see the changes in the country are quick. A fashion statement by a celebrity could become the trend for the next several months. A simple designer dress from a talented designer could become the new normal wear in the future. If you follow fashion trends, you should know that underwear is also a part of the fashion world. You must not restrict yourself to the essential men’s underwear styles. You must go ahead and try different styles and trends in future.


It’s known as the best type of underwear for men. Almost everyone has worn this at least once in their lifetime. This is a standard pair of underwear that one could wear practically every occasion. The briefs come in all kinds of colours, rises, and designs. You can wear it if you are into sports as well. If you are seriously practising for a championship, you can also get the pair designed for people in sports.

These are the four main types of men’s underwear you can try.

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