The Best Way to Geekify Your Office

The Best Way to Geekify Your Office

Times are a-changing; even back in 2011, 57% of Americans already thought being called a geek was a compliment. Fast forward a decade, and we’d say there are more geeks than jocks in many places!

Being a geek has become so mainstream that it’s now acceptable to decorate your office space with the nerdiest memorabilia possible.

Of course, if you’re part of many fandoms, it can become overwhelming when you consider your choices. So, if you need some inspiration for geekifying your office, then you’re in the right place. Below are some ideas that’ll surely show your personality!

Get a Geeky Mug

You probably start off every workday with a hot cup of coffee (or tea!), which you bring everywhere with you as you get work done. So why not show off your geek pride with a themed mug or two?

The possibilities are endless with geeky mugs, ranging from a D20 to images depicting your favorite video game scene. 

Hang Memorabilia on the Wall

You’re sitting around in your office for over 8 hours a day. You shouldn’t have to stare at a boring white wall for that entire duration. So do yourself a favor and liven up your view with some nerdy memorabilia!

For example, are you a Star Wars fan? Then you can’t go wrong with hanging a lightsaber on the wall as part of your office decorations!

Something like the Luke Skywalker green lightsaber is sure to draw people’s eyes to this magnificent piece of art. And what’s even better is, the lightsaber actually lights up! You’ll have an excellent conversation piece that’ll spark discussions about this nerdy and iconic franchise.

Use a Nerdy USB Drive

If you’re constantly transferring files onto USB drives, kick it up a notch and get a nerdy one! You can get USB drives that look like the Tardis, Portals turrets, Mario mushrooms, etc.

What’s great is these often double as keychains. So not only will your files be secure, but you’ll also have a fun keychain too!

Get Some Action Figures

There are plenty of desk buddies you can get for your office desk. Pop Dolls are a fantastic option, especially if you keep them in their boxes. This makes them easily stackable and keeps them in mind condition.

You can also get some monitor sitters, which give you something fun to look at while typing away on your computer! When your coworkers walk by your desk, they’ll definitely be amused by all the geeky action figures you have.

Make Your Office into a Geeky Haven

Your office is where you spend most of your weekdays, so perk it up with some geeky decorations. Not only can decorating your office help you show your personality to your coworkers, but it can also be fun and therapeutic. And you never know; you might just discover that some of your colleagues are just as geeky as you!

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