The Best Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits in Canada and USA

The Best Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits in Canada and USA

That Seriously Wooden History!

Log houses have a sentimental place in many people’s hearts in the United States of America. This is because our presidential folk hero, Abraham Lincoln, was allegedly born and raised in such a magnificent structure. People are inclined to be nostalgic for an era they never witnessed or lived through when thinking of these types of houses because they evoke a sense of American pride that is misplaced, at the very best, and nefarious at the very worst. This is because though Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in passing the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States constitution, thereby freeing enslaved African Americans, he was still no fan of the black community and was actually a staunch anti-black racist himself.

Furthermore, when African-Americans think of log cabins (, they are often left feeling gaslit, as though they should be automatically impressed by the actions of this one man who was happy to end an institution but perpetuate the structural racism that underpinned said institution. People tend to be very uncomfortable when they think about that era, but we have to remember that the aesthetic itself has come a long way and is probably more deeply rooted in the African-American community than we realize. Who made those early cabins, and who placed that lumber exactly where it was supposed to be, and who constructed those houses?

Why Do People Love Them?

In the process of reclamation, we find that people are increasingly amenable to engaging with and possibly even living in homes like this. When people think about log homes kits, they are likely excited at the possibility of enjoying a rusting living situation that makes them feel connected to the earth, the universe and the history of their ancestors. In this way, rustic is part of a current rustic-core aesthetic that we see dominating social media apps. In the last few years, especially since there have been tumultuous global events, more people are turning to these types of outdoor-indoor structures that make you feel warm and cozy on the inside but connected with mother nature outside.

The various forms of wood you can use to make these structures is also part of the process that will help you connect with the edifice itself. They can be custom made to fit your exact specifications, using either entirely wood, a combination of wood and posts and beams, or other fusions that suit your needs and idea of what the house should be. You should click here to learn more about these structures and their popularity. An incredibly high level of craftsmanship is required to make these buildings by hand, and a handmade building is what you should likely invest in as it will be carefully put together and it will be unique and specified to your tastes.

What Is the Future?

People are not likely to invest in these buildings if they are cookie cutter carbon copies of one another. These items are not ordered from a catalog! A proper cabin that can serve as either your vacation home or even your everyday abode should reflect the wants and needs of the owners. This reflection can provide you with opportunities for custom fittings and specifications that are unique to your home and your home only. You want to experience that makes you feel inseparable from the materials made to construct it because you chose each and every piece of wood, stone and gravel that is laid down.

You should be able to instantly recognize your own home from a lineup of similar homes, because if it is custom made it should speak to your personal sensibilities in such a way that you can immediately connect with it. If you need to use the space as a reclamation of architectural developments that existed within your community centuries ago, that moment should speak to you through the wood. If you want something that makes you think critically about the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, that should also be an option. Importantly, you should be able to build your home in an area that is zoned for a structure with that level of connectivity and beauty.

Whether it is your first home or second home, this type of building is going to appreciate in value beyond your wildest dreams, considering that we are in a massive housing crisis in America. If you want to learn more about log cabins, you should search for such information online and you will find many interesting pages. People’s houses have almost no choice but to retain their liquidity if they are well built and in areas that are not super commercial. These are the kinds of homes you will want to keep in your family for generations, so they are a very wise investment to make.

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