Ten things about smartphones you should know

Ten things about smartphones you should know

If you are out there, thinking about buying a new smartphone, here are the 10 things you should look for before getting it.


If you are a person who takes lots of photos and images, then you need to find a phone that has a good front and back camera quality. One thing you need to be sure of is that you should be sure that, check the pixels of the camera which you will be using the most. That way you can ensure you can click pictures you like. Most of the smartphones out there are fitted with high-end cameras, so if you look close enough you can get what you are looking for.


Another thing you need to see is the juice it comes with. Most of us are always on our phones for work or for entertainment. So, a phone packed with a bigger battery will ensure that you don’t have to find a power source nor attached to a charger all the time. And if you are not a constant user, one full charge can last for 2 days in a row. Which will cut out the time needed to charge? And everybody’s looking for a bigger battery phone.


Most people while buying a phone wouldn’t look twice while buying a phone. But one of the most important things you might easily overlook is the RAM capacity of a phone. Random Access Memory or RAM allows you to have a number of applications and ensure the smooth running of the device and faster interface. If you’d play games, then you might want to get a phone that ensures you play it with ease. And some phones specifically come for gaming so I can very well buy it.

Nowadays, most of the medium-range smartphones come with 8GB RAM, which is pretty decent for gaming and other usages.


The capacity of data which a phone can store is a necessity. Most of the phones with high resolution take up more space for, HD videos and photos. And so, does the applications, so it would be better if you get a phone that has more storage and comes with expandable storage, so that you don’t have to worry about deleting your files when storage is full.


Most of us think all processors are the same or some of us would even not know that there are different processors. They basically handle all the data that comes in and goes out of the device but faster. A processor will basically determine how fast the device is and ensure the device offers all the cutting edge and New- tech. So that’s how important a processor is and knowing what you are buying into.


More than ever security and privacy are important to everyone now, as we are using our phones for banking, shopping, and whatnot. So, it is a necessity. And mostly Apple’s iPhone is a tough cookie to crack, it has a complex system and firewalls to ensure its safety.

Display Size

Big display phones are a thing now, because of the streaming services mostly, we watch movies, tv shows, YouTube in our hand devices more often than on the TV. This is why the phones that are out, comes with a bigger display and aspect ratio. And since most of the things we do are on the GO, so big display also comes as a convenience.


When things to consider, price is considered as an important factor, some features in flagship mobiles will be available on other affordable phones. But it is very hard to find a phone which has all the features at a lesser price but can’t be blamed for trying. So just look for the features and performance you aim for and see the best-priced smartphone available in the market. That’ll do the trick.

Mobile OS

Mobile operating systems are similar to the ones that are on laptops or PC. They decide the interface and ensure the smooth running of the device. There are only two OS as far as mobile phones are concerned, Apple and Android. So, whatever you are comfortable with, you can get.


And finally, you have to like the design of the phone you buy in, most of the phones come in pastel colors, so with dreamy designs.

These are the things you should see before buying a smartphone. Just so you know, ever in need of a new smartphone, find any Best mobile shop in Chennai, and get what you were looking for.

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