Telemedicine Mobile App Development A Blessing Amid Coronavirus

Telemedicine Mobile App Development: A Blessing Amid Coronavirus

Amid the virus threat, healthcare is the most affected area.

During the Coronavirus, healthcare practices are facing the challenges to the most, since there is a lockdown, and even the elderly patients who are looking forward to answering their health issues, are not escaped.

How to answer healthcare issues and Pandemic?

Hmm, this is the most asked question, and today healthcare companies are looking forward to the ways to reduce these challenges. And in this run, telemedicine apps are really helping patients and doctors both.

What are telemedicine apps?

Well, not many of us know that Telemedicine is an emerging concept, that has erupted from e-healthcare. There are many situations, wherein patients in the normal situation as well, get to postpone visits, or sometimes doctors are not available.

And during the Pandemic, there is also a scarcity of doctors to fulfill everyone’s needs.

With the help of a Telemedicine application, it becomes easier for healthcare practitioners to stay accessible. This type of mobile app, helps users to take less time to access the doctor. A patient only needs to launch the mobile app and with just a few buttons press, the work gets done. 

Indeed this new telemedicine platform is helping the healthcare industry to be more flexible and nothing but a blessing during COVID-19 scare.

However, to understand how to get the telemedicine app developed, let’s take a look at this pst further ad understand the features required to build this app.

Features for patient panel

  • Registration- You must ensure this feature which is simple, should be taken into consideration with the utmost care. Here you must include the simple navigation process, and also the social media login option for the users.
  • Personal profiles- In this feature, users can include their personal information, and further update the medical history and allergy to any specific medicine or condition.
  • Ratings and reviews- This feature allows the users to rate doctors so other patients feel safe and can select the best option for them. 
  • Search and filters- The search option lets the users find out the best options available. There are different criteria available such as specialization, rating, language, and so on.
  • Calendar and appointments- With this feature lets users book appointments with doctors and see their schedules effortlessly.
  • Text/video chat- This feature is similar in both the doctor and patient panels. And it helps the doctors and patients to connect with each other.
  • Payment gateway- The in-app payment feature lets the users make the payment through the app only.
  • Push notifications- Push messages lets the patients stay updated, and get the information about the upcoming appointments, and any other services they are looking for.
  • In-app calls- The phone calls option is also a great feature to be added into the mobile app, which further allows the users to connect with the doctors through phone calls as well.
  • Insurance plan- It allows the patients to add the insurance plan, and keep everything in one place and further utilize it whenever required.

Features for doctor panel

  • Registration and login- This is not a new or unique feature, but an essential most. It allows doctors to register and access the app. Here you must allow the users to access the app with their email or mobile phone, and for one-time doctor’s license verification as well.
  • Doctor profiles- This feature lets the doctors include their name, photo, experience, and education, and further verify their credentials.
  • Schedule and calendar- This feature allows the doctors to mark available hours for remote consultations and instantly let them get the update when an appointment is taken. 
  • Text and video chat- With the help of this feature, it becomes an easy task for the patients and doctors to chat with each other. Also, video calls help more in creating a seamless way for patient-doctor communication.
  • EHR review- Much before the consultation, this feature lets the doctors get an opportunity to check the patient’s medical history and further add any new information.
  • Video session recording- This feature helps you to control the quality of your telemedicine service. And further lets you record video and audio consultations. 

Wish to develop a telemedicine app?

It is one of the most expected questions from the telemedicine business owner. Since a digital space is the best solution to address the need of the hours. Therefore you must be looking for developing a telemedicine mobile app.

However, many options available in the development field and it is hard to choose one specific option for your needs. Here you need to understand that your selected technology partner must be well skilled and holds the expertise to handle your app requirements.

An efficient app developer, must possess different characteristics, to fit the bill, such as:

  • Past client work
  • Technology stack
  • User testimonials
  • Number of developers

After a full-fledged consideration of these aspects, you must select the right app builder.

However, one more concern, that remains intact in this league, is the cost to develop a telemedicine app. The development cost bugs many app development plans, and most of the time kill the concepts, much before getting them into reality.

You want to know the cost to develop an app, but you should know that the cost of development, does not depend on anyone’s specific factor. But there are multiple factors, which affect the cost. It can be due to a number of features, functionalities, type of technology, OSs, developers’ location, and many other facts.

Henceforth if you want to get the accurate numerical cost for your app concept, then you must reach out to the leading app development company in India for the telemedicine app development, and that is none other than Techugo.

At Techugo, we are a team of experts who can help you bring your Telemedicine app concept come into reality. So reach out to us and gro massively!

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