The Tantalizing Colored-Dials of Rolex Watches for Women

How does it feel when you dress for a particular event or an evening ball with a timepiece that complements the room’s illumination? Have you ever been so fascinated by your flawless wrist with a bracelet, and beside it is a timepiece that captures your eyes? The world of Rolex has made time as a diary of every woman since the beginning.

There are tons of models under womens Rolex watches. The brand has a target of male and female customers, so the watches are also relevant by the genders. It also incorporated magical colors to keep Rolex Watches for Women still in vogue.

1. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 New Model 2020

The new 2020 model of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 has a refined set of diamonds around the dial and oyster bracelet in white rolesor. Of all roman numerals in the dial, the IV is etched with diamonds. What makes this new model very spectacular is the aubergine dial. It is a masterpiece of watchmaking forte that wheeled careful brushing techniques to make grooves and a delicate reflection.

2. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36

This Datejust in a yellow rolesor has a diamond-set all over the dial with an oyster bracelet. The elegant case and lugs are highlighted through the diamond-set bezel. It has a champagne-colored dial with brushing techniques to show the grooves when the sun hits the timepiece. 

By the study of beauty, the time indicators are not numbers but diamonds and the 12 is the engraved Rolex symbol. This line of Datejust has a lot of colors that emphasize the dials in many ways. 

3. The Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust

If the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 has a diamond-set IV, this Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust has also engraved diamond-set IX. The numerals were symbolized by diamonds in a tiny hourglass shape. The prime focus of this model is the ice blue color and president bracelet. It is a design of accurate timekeeping and a classic one in the collection of Datejust. 

Rolex took advantage of the noblest metal, the platinum, in emphasizing the discreet and exclusive ice-blue dial. Therefore, a lot of women these days keep on track of new releases of this collection.

4. The Oyster Perpetual Daydate-36

The Daydate-36 has a distinctive design that features completely spelled out day positioned on the 12. This is the first watch unveiled in the year 1956 that the day and date are very readable. This is composed of 32 diamonds on the hour markers, while VI and IX have 24 sets of diamonds. The president’s bracelet has a yellow-gold color with a perfect turquoise dial.

5. The Oyster Perpetual Date 34

With a domed bezel and oyster bracelet, Date 34 has an amazingly bright blue dial. It focuses on the 34 mm Oyster case while the light reflection does its job during the day and the night. This model is one of the recognizable watches in the Oyster Perpetual line, and its traditional design does not go out of style.

6. The Oyster Perpetual 31 New Model 2020

The Oyster Perpetual 31 on its 2020 model has simple but elegant patterns and details with a superlative performance of 2232 movement. Its turquoise blue dial and oyster bracelet signifies a stellar and typical design that is ageless. The roots of Rolex and the inspiration that never fades are remembered in this model.

7. The Oyster Perpetual 34 New Model 2020

The sunray reflection on the grooves of this new 2020 model of Perpetual 34 keeps the refreshing ambiance of the bright blue dial. It has an Oysteroyster bracelet that is highly resistant to corrosion and a superlative chronometer. It may have fewer features to offer, but it plays a part in simplicity and visuals.

8. The Yacht-Master 37

This lady’s watch with an Everose rolesor has a bidirectional rotatable bezel with 60-minute graduation and numerals. When lights are out, the hour hand, minute hand, and the indicators on the chocolate dial, these details illuminate. The quality of this model is dependable because of its vitality.

An athletic woman will love this timepiece because of its functionality and visual against a chocolate hue background.

The Face of the Watch

For each of the Rolex watches for women, different personalities are embodied. If you feel classy today and casual on the other, you will always have a Rolex to fit your style.

As you lay your eyes on the dial, then you are looking at the face of the whole wristwatch. Every detail such as the diamond sets, the geometry of the bracelet and hand, the sophisticated selection of the dial’s color, and the specific point of focus vents the luxury and timeless design for women’s watches.

So, whatever the color your dress is, even your dyed hair, you can always complement it with the eight selected women’s watches.

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