Social Media For Construction Company

Social Media For Construction Company


This company knows how to use social media and Instagram. They easily grab the attention of their followers in most of the posts like their logo with subtle but effective use of dazzling photos and branding elements of their job.

CRN construction

Looking for an Instagram strategy? CRN Construction has flooded an Instagram with beautiful pictures of their reconstruction projects and DIY projects. Note how simple their posts are, but how engaged they are.


With 34.9 followers, the Morgan Cindel Group is a leading UK construction and rebirth group w Twitter is a powerful weapon for the Morgan Cindel Group with constant updates from profiles about their project work.


Twitter comes easily to Skanska which has about 20K followers. Tweeting more than once a day, engaging with other Twitter users, and including photos in their tweets makes it a successful strategy.

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With several folders, BAM showcases all sorts of project designs that come with browsing and image selection when their commitment to durability creates a better user experience.

Construction of Avilas

With more than 30K followers, the construction of Pinterest Avilas is a huge success. You are looking for any type of reconstruction information and any one before / after the photos can be found on their 20 Pinterest board. Duplicate their strategy and you will see your Pintest traffic increase


Mass Group is a great example of social media interaction on the YouTube platform. Before clicking around on their channel, they have a “About Us” video on the first page where you can find the organization and its values. In addition, they have built their playlists as they see in the picture above for a better viewer experience.

Achieving 20k active social media followers doesn’t happen overnight. It takes research, time and lots of testing and error to hit your groove. Check out different platforms to see what resonates with your potential customers. Try using coupons or running relevant promotions to get more engagement.

Remember, social media can take time to get better! If you do not intend to finish, do not start first!

If you are not running it well, don’t bother, stick to a website and work with it. There is nothing worse than an organization with a blog page or a Twitter profile, and the last entry was a year ago.

The best advice is to prioritize the platform that works best for you and your audience. If you are running a business, you probably have a lot more work to do, so invest in a part-time or full-timer to help you. Be sure to add your logo to your post!

We would highly recommend this book as a place to start:

The best advice we can give is to lose. If something doesn’t work, don’t lose faith. Try another technique, get some courage, you can ask for help, but don’t throw away the towel.

Follow the steps of the social media strategies of these construction companies to give you a leg up and see your social media after the hike.

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