Smartest Cyber Security Trends That Rule On-going Tech-World

Online security or Internet security continues to sensitive and the hot trend for businesses, public and private sectors. Tracking online activity is not a new concept and the users must stay alert about what they reveal online. Web beacons are for unknown visits and they can be viewed by knowing the source code of the web page. The personal data can be leaked or viewed easily if you are not alert. A lot of information about the users can be legally collected while the user is surfing on the internet, but only a very small percentage of cybercriminals steal and exploit such information. 

What is a web beacon? 

The web beacon is a set of techniques that are used to track who and why is visiting the web page. Even they can track whether the email is read or forwarded or the web page is copied to another sit. The first web beacons happened to be tiny digital image files, embedded in the web page or an email.

The global IT industry has been serving differently or being used as a catalyst in the varied business arena and has grown profoundly in the last 3 decades and has shown numerous innovations in various sectors. 

At the same time, it has brought considerable cyber risks that amount to a serious threat for sensitive data and data of consumers and businesses. These days’ cyber criminals have become more improved, skilled, and collaborative those raise the severity, scale, and complexity of cyber attacks around the world. Though the organizations are investing and implementing innovative and new solutions, cyber criminals are coming up with better skills and techniques to bypass them. Still, there are ways those cyber crimes can be dealt with: 

  1. Deliberate Remedies for Deliberate Cyber Crime: The hacking and use of malware in addition to phishing are increasingly popular nowadays for cybercriminals. A new form of cyber crime called Ransomware is taking over cyber space gradually and is creating huge problems in the corporate world. This Ransomware can lock up the screens, encrypt files and sensitive business information and keep the victims on hold as long as they pay the ransom. 
  2. Removing Problems Involved with IoT and BOYD:  In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring-Your-On-Device (BOYD) are getting popular among users, organizations, businesses, and IT professionals due to their efficiency and ease. But it has its demerits. The biggest security risk seems to have been shifted towards end-user. For instance, if you’re using a personal PC o laptop with no permanent office, how could it be possible to authenticate that the concerned person is using the device? It could be used by someone else also. In such cases, the companies should focus more on getting limited and secured accessibility, data encryption, and blocking options for devices and networks.
  3. Stay Protective Rather than Reactive:  Many organizations give stress on external attacks. But organizations must implement out-of-box solutions so that it would minimize the scale of internal attacks. The insider attacks can be equally deadlier. As the companies are increasingly moving to Cloud, it becomes comparatively tough for the IT section to hold control. So there should be a practical approach instead of being overly reactive.

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