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Simplicity is The Key to a Successful Presentation!

When we sit down to prepare our powerpoint presentations, usually, our main priority is to ensure that all the topics and all the major points are covered. While that might seem a good idea but it is not. What happens is that while we might end up with a PowerPoint presentation which has all the details in it, yet, when we walk in front of the audience with our presentation, we find that we are unable to put forward, our point, as successfully as we would have liked.

One of the major reasons for this to happen is that we are unable to grasp the important fact that preparing a PowerPoint presentation is an art. While we are experts in our domains yet, preparing PowerPoint presentations require the expertise of a different kind. That is so because only experts like powerpoint design services would be able to come forward with skills that would help you simplify your presentation before you put it in front of your target audience.

We need to understand that no two people in this world are the same. Everyone has their way of understanding and processing information. So, it is best if we keep information simple so that people can process it in their way.

History is replete with examples of how, keeping complex information simple, helped leaders put their message and their intentions to each and everyone they intended to address. One of the most famous examples of an important message, given across simply, was done by Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union.

It was World War 2 and the Soviets had allied themselves with the United States, Great Britain, and France. The troops of the Third Reich, whose leader was Adolf Hitler, were sweeping across large parts of the Soviet Union. The Red Army, of the Soviet troops, was on the run. The Allies looked upon helplessly as Hitler’s troops reached within 15 kilometers of Moscow. They had come so near to Moscow that they could see the spires of the Kremlin on a clear day.

It was at such a dire moment when Stalin gave out Order Number 227. It had tremendous weight in its purpose and yet it was worded in a very simple manner. The one line of Order Number 227, which got imprinted in the minds of the Generals and the ground troops was, ‘Not a Step Back’. Now, Stalin could have said things like retreating is not good, we will lose face, etc. He could have said complicated things about military strategy but, he didn’t. All he said was, ‘Not a Step Back’. The point struck home. Everyone in the army instantly knew what their leader wanted.

This incident serves us to explain that it does not matter to the audience if we deliver flowery monologues on the stage. The audience does not care if we write all the necessary information on the slides and display it to them. All that matters to them is that information is put forward to them in a very minimalistic manner.

So, this is why it is recommended to take the assistance of experts in the field of PowerPoint. Through PowerPoint outsourcing, we can ensure that our presentation is designed in a manner that is simple enough to be understood by the audience. Through PowerPoint outsourcing, we can take the help of experts in minimizing our text, while not losing the essence of it. 

Powerpoint design services help us in designing the text of our presentation further by taking care of the font size and font style of the text. That is so because it is very important for our presentation to not only come across as simple but also structured and to the point! That is how we put forward our message to our audiences, successfully!

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