Should Your Bridesmaid Dresses Complement Your Wedding Attires

Should Your Bridesmaid Dresses Complement Your Wedding Attire?

It’s often said that selecting a wedding gown is one of the most difficult decisions a bride can make while planning her wedding. They never had to deal with the daunting challenge of selecting bridesmaid outfits that complement the bride’s gown.

Let’s be honest: choosing bridesmaid outfits for your girl gang is difficult enough without considering your bridal look and choosing between wedding dresses. In addition, your bridesmaids’ body shapes, dress budgets, and style preferences will likely differ, making bridesmaid shopping a nightmare.

In addition, you must figure out how to put together a coherent and consistent wedding party look that complements your bridal gown. Doesn’t it seem impossible?

Perhaps, perhaps not. Several brides have done it before, and so can you too? Here are some tips:

Deem Your Dress Design

Above all else, choose bridesmaid dresses that complement the style of your wedding gown. If your bridal attire is vintage-style design, having your bridesmaids wear trendy outfits and modern silhouettes would be very unflattering.

Share Some Dress Specifics 

Don’t forget to consider the subtle details of your wedding attire before deciding on bridesmaid dresses. For example, if you’re wearing one of the lace wedding dresses, your bridesmaids should dress in trendy separates and lace tops to complement your look without looking too matchy.

Choose bridesmaid gown colours that complement your coloured wedding gown for a photo-worthy look. If your wedding dress is light blue, for example, you could dress your bridesmaids in blue shades to create a stunning ombre effect.

However, Not Each Minute Detail

Avoid selecting bridesmaid outfits that are too similar to the specifics of your wedding gown when styling your bridesmaids. It is, after all, your special day. Do you not deserve to be the centre of attention?

The neckline is one such detail you should never reveal to your girlfriends. The same is true for the embellishments on your gown. Your girls don’t need to sparkle if you adorn yourself in gaudy and flashy clothing.

Retain the Same Level of Formality

The formality of your bridesmaid outfits should always resemble that of your gown. So, for example, if you wear a ballgown, your bridesmaids will look odd in boho bridesmaid dresses.

To keep the formality, start with the length of your wedding gown. For example, assume your wedding gown is full-length with voluminous sleeves; your bridesmaids should dress in full-length bridesmaid outfits with luxury details appropriate for your elegant wedding destination.

The Secret to Coordinating Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Picking out your wedding colours and the overall theme is the first step in coordinating your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Because your wedding colours will be prominently displayed throughout your ceremony space, it’s critical to put some thought into them.

Using your primary colour for the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen accessories is one of the most common ways to coordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Tie, pocket squares, and even socks are examples of accessories.

The goal is for your primary wedding colours to shape the overall aesthetic of your wedding. This process can be a lot of fun for you and your fiancé as part of your wedding preparations.

The Bottom Line

Don’t stop experimenting with different textures and prints for bridesmaid dresses. Purchasing wedding dresses for you and your girls has to be a pleasant and painless experience. Following the tips mentioned above will ensure that your wedding style is on point when you finally admit, “I do.”

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