What are the several ways to do a Sales marketing Hotel?

for any hotel, to gain a good number of customers, marketing is essential since it will help to drive sales. A Sales Marketing Hotel team must adopt the right strategies and practices for marketing. Several ideas are available that would help the concerned team to increase the sales of the hotel.

Some best sales Hotel Marketing Ideas

With the rapid adoption of digital marketing, the entire landscape is changing. For businesses like hotels, it has become essential to use the best marketing Ideas which will help to drive new business. In today’s era of digital marketing, it is imperative to go for online marketing, like social media, chatbots, content and a lot more. With the help of all such activities, one would be able to influence people in a better way. Also, along with all this, your website must have a good user experience, since it will let people make a perception of your hotel.

Sales Marketing hotel Ideas

  • A podcast for all the event planning companies.
    • If we talk about 2017, around 67 million people listened to various podcasts of different domains, which is almost a 25% population in the US over 12 years of age. You must be wondering how hotel’s sales marketing benefit, and drive more leads, well a podcast would talk about events you hosted and which event planners you have met, also how the event was held.
  • An SEO travel guide for your hotel location.
    • Many times, it happens when people meet planners and book a hotel for a meeting; they look at the whole city and neighborhood. It would be beneficial if you explain your location since it will bring value to all attendees.
  • Another way is to share the hotel’s expertise in online course platforms.
    • As a hotel operator, you would know why your hotel is best and what expertise your hotel has. You can build an online course in which you can teach several audiences and explain why your hotel is well known, also famous. Several online platforms are available where you can put your courses such as Skillshare, udemy and many more.
  • Hold a Q&A session with an industry expert.
    • Since it will help to drive the best sales marketing hotel results. If in case, your video course seems to be difficult, you can simply use various concepts with the help of Q&A sessions with any industry expert. Once you are doing a meeting, you can publish various responses on social media, blog or do mail the newsletter to multiple planners.
  • What about the creation of several templates for different event planners.
    • For any content marketing, downloadable, models, printable are most influential for any business. Also, they have good potential to drive more customers to your business. Also, it gives the best opportunity for lead generation.
  • A video tutorial for solving issues of potential customers.
    • It would be the best way to do hotel sales marketing. The creation of any small and entertaining video would be great if addressing all the common questions various planners ask. Also, this video could be published on any page of your website, which lists all the videos and should be accessible by event planners.
  • Optimization of hotel website with a voice search.
    • Nowadays, various people do use voice search to search and get a quick response to all their answers, and with the launch of Google Home, and other smart devices, people ask questions and get answers.
  • Also, an excellent virtual tour of the hotel would be enjoyable.
  • One can make it using 3D diagramming, videos and photos. Also, with virtual tours, one would be able to generate a good impression on various potential clients. Furthermore, potential players would be able to see all the locations in the hotel without traveling.
  • Reviews and client testimonials are mandatory for any sales marketing hotel.
  • Since various potential clients would read reviews and testimonials of your clients before they decide to come to your hotel or not. Hence you should publish the best reviews and testimonials on your website.

You will find various famous hotels adopting similar ways to increase their customer base and hence. Also, they are famous or will become famous soon. Therefore if you are looking to increase sales and marketing, one should try to follow such ways.

Author bio: This blog has been written by an author who works in the hotel’s digital marketing area. Also, the author has helped various hotels to become one of the best hotels in their location. Hence one should consider all these ideas to increase sales marketing hotels.

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